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Review - The Last Victim by Karen Robards

I've read many books this summer (around 35+, so don't expect many reviews), but Karen Robards' The Last Victim(Ballantine, Isbn-0345535405) is one that I feel deserves a special response, an immediate review.

One word summary - Interesting

One line Review - An interesting mystery together with stellar characters and complex relationships, this book is one of my top five reads for this summer.

Synopsis : Fifteen years ago, young Charlie Stone was the only one to escape the Boardwalk Killer. Now an eminent psychiatrist whose speciality is serial killers, Charlie is called in by the FBI when a series of similar murders rock the town of Kill Devil Hills. Because of her ability to see the ghosts of those who've recently died violent deaths, Charlie is shocked to find that the ghost of her most recent patient, drop dead gorgeous serial killer Michael Garland who died in her arms, has attached to her and refuses to "go towards the light". As the killings escalate, Cha…