Wednesday, August 15, 2007

About Me

Welcome to my blog! Enjoy the book reviews, giveaways, guest posts etc you'll find here. Contact me for reviews of books (print copies only)/book-related products. I'm also open to blog tours, virtual promotions and sponsored giveaways. And since I finally got myself a Kindle, I'm open to ebooks etc :)

Please know I'll read the books when I have time and my reviews will always reflect my honest opinion. If I really don't like a book, I'm not going to review it. (believe me, you don't want the negative publicity either!)

My email - abookblogger [AT] gmail [DOT] com

You can also use the Contact Form to get in touch with me.

Edited to add - Thank you for sending in your review requests. Believe me, if I could I would read and review each and every one of your books. But that's humanly impossible. Just like it's not possible for me to reply to every review request I get. I'm not being rude, I just have my nose buried in some other book. Thanks for understanding!

Happy Reading,
~ Rashmi