Review - An Imperfect Witch by Deborah Geary

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

You might be familiar with Deborah Geary's A Modern Witch series, featuring stories about a beloved clan of modern witches with lots of magic, enduring life lessons and a perfection that's to be read to be believed. Geary continues with the same characters in her new Witch Central series beginning with An Imperfect Witch (Kindle Edition, 250 p, Fireweed Pub)

Read my review below to see why, despite my fondness for this author's works, I decided to stop reading this story.

Here's a synopsis taken from the author's site -
Two years ago, Lizard Monroe was Berkeley’s newest delinquent on parole. Now she’s a hot young realtor with a great life, an awesome guy, and enough friends to chase away the ghosts of her past. Almost. The crystal ball has spoken—life isn’t done messing with her yet. And neither is the need brewing in the eyes of the man she loves. The eve of Halloween approaches. And whatever the sexy poet realtor wants to believe, moving beyond your past isn’t the same as facing the future.
As Geary's stories go, this one fits the bill perfectly - a witch with a problem, questioning her place in life and the choices made and those yet to be made. As with Geary's witch-y stories, naturally Lizard is surrounded by tons of perfect family/extended family members who dole out perfect food and advice at any time of the day or night, lots of adorable kids who rarely fight and act mature beyond their years, and so on and so forth. It's not only tooth-achingly sweet but also mind-numbingly predictable.

The premise of Lizard finding a homeless girl like she herself had been, is a promising storyline, one which is further enhanced by an initial ominous prediction involving ghosts, a cemetery and a chase. The rest of the book (at least, up until where I stopped reading) does its best to meander around the central issue in long and confusing ways, totally killing all the suspense while filling lots of pages. End result - the story stagnates. Even after skipping a paragraph here and a chapter there, I could still follow the story arc as it was utterly predictable. Apart for the central characters, no one seems to be unhappy, no one gains weight (despite consuming ice cream, scones and all kinds of buttery goodness page after page), and they all have lots of money. Call it unrealistic or over the top idealistic, either way it does not ring true.

Perhaps this wouldn't feel like such a bad thing (after all, this is a work of fiction) to a reader who's new to Geary's books. However, I can't say the same. I have read this or something very very similar to this in Geary's Modern Witch series. If only Geary had started with a fresh cast of characters, in a fresh setting with some imperfections thrown in, then maybe, maybe, I'd have read it to the end.  I rarely, if ever, give up on a book, but I stopped reading this one. You can draw your own conclusions from that.

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