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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

In the second children's book of the Life of Shouty series, Shouty goes from overweight and overwhelmed to fit and focused. "Life of Shouty : Food and Fitness" by NeonSeon (32p, Ages:3-4, Pub:Rixkin, Isbn-0984206914) promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and reminds us it's never to late to start making changes.

When I turned 17 my parents threw a surprise party for me. You'd think I'd Be overjoyed that all of my friends were at my house to celebrate my Birthday, but I WASN'T. And it was for one reason only. My messy room! My room was an absolute mess! Clothes on the floor. Clothes on the desk. Clothes EVERYWHERE! My bed was not made and it looked like a tornado had come through.

My mom was always telling me to clean my room, but boy was I upset she Didn't put the hammer down this time. NOTE TO PARENTS: On behalf of messy kids caught unawares everywhere, please Tell your kids there will be a photo shoot in the house-anything-just make Sure the room is clean before you throw a surprise party!!!! This bad habit is an attribute I gave my character, Shouty. He has a messy Room and instead of an unmade bed, he foregoes sheets altogether. Is he Based on me? Maybe a tad, but I've changed, and by the end of Life of Shouty: Good Habits, Shouty does too.

If you're super neat and can't relate to messiness, maybe you or someone you Know can relate to some of Shouty's other bad habits in the story such as His lack of flossing, not cutting the lawn, and hitting the snooze button Too many times. Whatever it is, Shouty and his journey can inspire you! Happy reading!

For more information about guest blogger and author/illustrator NeonSeon, And the Life of Shouty series, visit her website . C NeonSeon 2011. 
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