Review - Watch Me Die by Erica Spindler

Monday, August 01, 2011

St. Martin's, 341p, Isbn-031236394X

Synopsis - A priest murdered in his church…a homeless man slaughtered in a toilet... these are just the first of two seemingly unrelated murders plaguing a sweltering New Orleans. As the murders continue it becomes clear that glass restoration artist Mira Gallier is somehow at the heart of it. 

Whether she’s the one killing people and leaving weird Biblical quotes at the murder scenes or someone connected to her is, are the questions that plague the uneasy partnership of homicide detectives Spencer Malone and Karin Bayle. 

Meanwhile Mira is convinced her dead husband has come back to life. Could that be a clue?


Erica Spindler is at the top of her game in this edge-of-the-seat Hitchcockian psychological drama. Her skill is evident whether describing a character’s heart-rending survivor’s guilt, capturing the subtle nuances of a police partnership, or building an atmosphere of exponentially ominous tension.

This subtle, intelligent plot develops quietly but with utmost conviction. As the secrets unravel and the complex nature of interpersonal relationships between the characters is revealed, readers can’t help but appreciate the author’s research and diligence in crafting this intricate plot. A slowly recuperating post-Katrina New Orleans provides a suitably eerie setting for the story. Red herrings are made excellent use of to keep the readers guessing. The conflict between the two detectives and how it affects the case is one of the hallmarks of this story as the almost palpable terror surrounding the protagonist.

Despite an over-the-top and somewhat unconvincing ending, Watch Me Die remains an otherwise exceptional thriller.

Note - This book was received for review/feature consideration.
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