Review - Animal Rummy by Bob Barner

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Chronicle Books, ages 5 and up,
42 cards in drawer box
This fun and easy-to-play card game featuring Bob Barner's colorful and lively animal characters is sure to be a family favorite. Players try to gather as many of the same cards as possible to create sets of each animal, including panda bears, lions, elephants, and more! The oversized cards come in an elegant drawer box with a ribbon drawstring, making them durable for years to come.

Cards are always fun to play with whether sheltering inside from blistering heat, traveling somewhere or just driving. I'm not comfortable with introducing my kids to the traditional card games, but these animal cards are just the right alternative.

They feature 40 brightly colored images of various kids of animals on the oversized cards, plus 2 instruction cards. The rules of Rummy as to played by these cards is explained and all that remains is for the fun to begin.

My kids proved to be bit young to understand how this game works, so instead we've been using them to play a fun yet competitive game of Memory and some variations of it. It's just as much fun! The bonus is the drawer box these cards come in which makes for a handy and easily accessible storage case.

And they proved invaluable to keeping my kids entertained when they were sick recently and unable to summon much energy for Legos etc.

Note - This product was received for review/feature consideration.
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