Review - Insatiable by Meg Cabot

Friday, July 22, 2011

William Morrow, 451p, Isbn-0061735086
Despite a talent for predicting people's death, Meena Harper doesn't believe in the supernatural. Forget vampires in real life...she doesn't even like them invading the reel life of soap opera Insatiable, for which she's a dialogue writer. 

And then at a neighbor's party, she meets and is instantly smitten by the intensely gorgeous and charming Lucien Antonescu, who seems to return her interest in him. Little does Meena know that this modern-day prince has a very dark side to him, one that will rip away all her illusions and defenses. Question is will she survive it?


Leaving behind the YA world of Princess Diaries, Meg Cabot makes a stellar entry into the world of adult paranormal writing. I'd frankly grown sick of books starring vampires but was persuaded to pick up this one as Cabot has a knack for taking a tired plot and enlivening it with her particular fun and sizzling brand of adventure and romance.

And I'm glad I did as "Insatiable" fulfilled all my expectations and more! It is truly one of the best stories I've read so far this year.

I must say I have a bone to pick with Cabot, though.

I can't honestly say who/what I liked best in this book, as I liked all! Meena with her creepy talent, Lucien whose darkness is at odd contrast with his deep love, or even the advent of a Vatican-authorized, sword-wielding vampire killer - how is a reader to pick among such delicious choices? And doesn't Cabot know that side characters are just meant to provide fodder for the background and not be almost as interesting as the protagonists?! But they are. This just makes things worse, as readers are compelled to ignore all the responsibilities (aka chores) of real life only to lose themselves among the rapidly-turning pages of this fictional one. I know for sure my husband was glad when I was done reading this book, for he didn't enjoy eating cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the approximate day and a half it took me to finish this story. (My kids,on the other hand, loved it!) And oh, what a spectacular bang (read battle) the book ended with too - I couldn't have predicted it for all the money in the world.

I'm really glad I didn't read this book last year when it was first released as I'd have half-died of waiting for the next book to release, which (since it's the next year already) it has...just a few weeks before!

I'm off to read "Overbite" - hope it's at least half as good as this one, which would be plenty enough.

Note - This book was received for review/feature consideration.
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