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Friday, January 14, 2011

Here are some more free Kindle books on Amazon. Get them while they're still FREE!

Sukkwan Island Free Novella with Bonus MaterialSummer at Willow Lake (The Lakeshore Chronicles)Just As I Am (Just As I Am Series #1)Big Girls Don't Die: In the Heat of the Night, Book 2

Sukkwan Island Free Novella with Bonus MaterialSukkwan Island Free Novella with Bonus Material

David Vann, the author of the upcoming CARIBOU ISLAND (one of Book Beast’s most anticipated books of 2011) and other amazing books has a free e-novella that is available for free currently on Kindle.  The novella, entitled SUKKWAN ISLAND recently won France’s prestigious Prix Medicis award for best foreign novel and was originally published in the US as part of a collection called LEGEND OF A SUICIDE.

You can also get it for free for Sony and Kobo.


Summer at Willow LakeSummer at Willow Lake

Real estate expert Olivia Bellamy reluctantly trades a trendy Manhattan summer for her family's old resort camp in the Catskills, where her primary task will be renovating the bungalow colongy for her grandparents, who want one last summer together filled with fun, friends and family. A posh resort in its heyday, the camp is now in disarray and Olivia is forced to hire contractor Connor Davis--a still-smoldering flame from her own summers at camp.

But as the days grow warm, not even the inviting blue waters of Willow Lake can cool the passions flaring or keep shocking secrets at bay. The nostalgic joy of summers past breathes new promise into a special place and people...a promise meant to last long after the season ends.


Just As I Am (Just As I Am Series #1)Just As I Am (Just As I Am Series #1)

Liesel Bonner never questioned her devotion to her country. But because of her heritage, her country questions her. Despite the fact that no one has any proof of her disloyalty, Liesel is fired from her stenographer’s position and has great difficulty finding another job because few people trust those with a name as German as her own. When she begins to suspect that the man she loves is involved in espionage against America, Liesel knows she has to do something. As her trust for others crumbles, Liesel finds that only God’s loving protection—and the enigmatic agent who is tearing her world apart—can save her.

Big Girls Don't Die: In the Heat of the Night, Book 2Big Girls Don't Die: In the Heat of the Night, Book 2

Six months ago, Andre St. James committed the ultimate one-night-stand party foul by turning Cynthiana into the spawn of Satan…also known as a vampire. He insisted he knew they were meant to be together forever and ever, so why wait for her to be on the same page with him to suck the life out of her? What. Ever. The only thing the two of them share is chemistry that blasts off the charts. So she dropkicked him out of her life and told him to never come back. He listened. Until now.

Andre knows Cyn has trouble dealing with his take-no-prisoners approach to life, and that turning her against her will was a mistake. But he’s got patience born of centuries of immortality, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get back into her good graces and stay there forever. Including wait until she has no choice but to turn to him. After all, no one understands forever like a vampire. He’s loved her from the moment he saw her…and he always will.

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