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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosReaders, please join me welcoming Susan Wilson, author of One Good Dog, who's guest blogging here today.

Susan Wilson is the author of Beauty - a modern retelling of Beauty And The Beast which was made into a CBS TV movie—as well as four other novels. One Good Dog is the story of a man who is down on his luck, and a dog who is all out of chances. Together they discover the true meaning of salvation, redemption, and unconditional love.


Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosThank you so much for inviting me to guest blog on A BOOK BLOGGER'S DIARY. I love your site and hope that this is the start of a long association. As we learned from the election in 2008, grassroots are the strongest. We’re all brought up to believe that success is measured in the New York Times Review of Books, but the truth is, it’s here, among readers who love good books and love to talk about them.

My latest novel, ONE GOOD DOG, appeals on several levels: it’s a dog story, it’s a redemption story, and, ultimately, it’s a love story—but not in the traditional way. Adam March and the dog foisted upon him, Chance, have both led hard-scrabble, tough lives. Both have been successful in their careers: Adam as a corporate executive and Chance as a fighting pit bull. Now both are on the skids and need to learn to trust one another in order to rise from the ashes of their lives.

I didn’t set out to write a dog story, at least not one that allowed a dog to be a narrator. I expected that the dog would be a metaphor or a sounding board, at the very most a prop. But Chance had other ideas. He spoke and I listened, or rather, I wrote down everything he said. His story seemed to come from whole cloth. This is a testament to the strange way writing happens. You can plot and outline and synopsize for all you’re worth, but the true story, the real story, spins out of some place no MRI will ever view and lands on the page.

I hope that visitors to A BOOK BLOGGER'S DIARY take a peek behind that gorgeous cover and enter a world where man and beast are equals, where learning to let go of history can lead to a safe future.
Sounds like a truly wonderful book in the tradition of Marley and Me. It's on my to-read list once Spring break is over and I can get some free time, lol. In the meantime, if you've read this book or have some thought or comment for the author, share them with us in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by, Susan!

Note - This book was received for review/feature consideration.
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3 People said

  1. I loved Marley and Me, and if this book is any where near the same style of story I'm sold!

    Great interview!

  2. If this is similar to Marley and Me I know I will love to read. Thanks for stopping by and telling us about this wonderful book. I enjoyed your interview and learning the why, who or where the authors get their ideas is always interesting. Thanks again and thanks to R. for hosting today.

  3. I can't wait to grab a copy of the book. This is another proof that you can rely on your pets. Dogs are really great. Very well said I agree that you have to learn to trust one another in order for you keep moving. Trust is a very good investment in keeping relationship stronger.


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