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Author Guest Post - Misa Ramirez (and a giveaway)

Hasta la Vista, Lola!: A Lola Cruz Mystery

Readers, please join me welcoming Misa Ramirez, author of Hasta la Vista, Lola!: A Lola Cruz Mystery who's guest blogging here today!

All in the Name of Research

Writers are willing to do a lot in the name of research. I’m no exception. My name is Misa, and I’m a mystery writer. Mysteries with a touch of romance, that is.

I wrote Living the Vida Lola, the first book in my mystery series, without having to do anything outrageous. I visited the marina, took notes and pictures of the boats docked there, the rickety steps leading to the water, the color of the metal rooftop. Tattoos figure prominently in the book, but I didn’t actually go out and get a tattoo. A belly button piercing has a starring role, but no, I didn’t go out and get my belly pierced, either.

In book two, Hasta la Vista, Lola!, there’s identity theft. I didn’t go out and steal anyone’s identity (though I did become WAY more cautious about my own papers and private information as a result of my research) and no one stole mine. So far, so good.

Then came the planning of book three, Bare Naked Lola. Much of it takes place in a Nudist Resort, although I won’t reveal just what Lola’s willing to do, or how much clothing she’s willing to take off to solve a case. What I couldn’t quite research from the comfort of my own home was just what it was like to be in a nudist resort.

What’s a good girl to do?

Visit a real, live nudist resort, of course. And that’s just what I did. The place I visited was truly unique–and has the additional infamy of being the hiding place of Cary Stayner, the Yosemite Killer from 1999. Not a pleasant claim to fame, but it certainly makes for colorful history.

So, back to my story. I visited this nudist resort. They were quite accommodating, actually, bless their naked hearts. I saw a day in the life of nudists. Some do it part time, some 24/7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much skin in one place!

The thing about being a writer is that you never know what exciting adventure your story will take you on, and ultimately take your readers on. Ever hear of a little concert called Woodstock? My nudist resort has Nudestock. Seriously! I don’t think I could have made that up. I learned so much about how nudists live–and Lola gets to tell the story in the book I’m currently writing. So, tattoo or belly piercing? Nope, not necessary to experience. But seeing how the nude live? Yes, that’s something you have to see in order to get it right.

So here’s my question. What crazy thing have you good girls done that you never thought you would?

One commenter will receive a copy of Hasta la Vista, Lola, so come on, girls, spill it!

Misa Ramirez is the author of the Lola Cruz mystery series: Living the Vida Lola (January ‘09) and Hasta la Vista, Lola! (2010) from St. Martin’s Minotaur / Thomas Dunne Books. A former middle and high school teacher, current instructor at Southern Methodist University’s Continuing Education program, and active CEO and CFO for La Familia Ramirez, this blonde-haired, green-eyed, proud to be Latina-by-Marriage girl loves following Lola on her many adventures. You can find her at or and on
Sounds like fun and all in the name of research. Great one, Misa! To win a book, just do what the author asked. Deadline to enter - Midnight CST of Feb 28, 2010. Remember to include your email address with your comment. US only.

Note - This book was received for review/feature consideration. This is part of a virtual blog tour organized by Pump Up Your Book Promotion.
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  1. No need to enter me, ladies. I'm dropping in to give Misa some wiggly eyebrows; it's her daily stalker!

    That's because she asked me to post this at Win a Book. I'm a hired stalker, I suppose.

    Now THERE's a plot for us, Misa!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting me today! Now lets get those comments rolling!

    I kinda feel like a stalker too. Maybe a groupie.
    I love Lola! What a journey Misa=)

  4. Me being a good girl (of course), I surprised myself when I met a guy online and went to Florida on vacation with him. He was a lot younger than I was and it turned out to be a disaster. Live and learn.

  5. Terri, I think we all need a story like that, even us good girls. ;)

  6. Amy, as long as you love Lola, stalk all you want!!! Viva Lola!

  7. Maybe I'm not such a good girl after all--I went out with a man before my divorce was final.

    I forgot to spill my Crazy moment. I was dared to
    get a tattoo b/c everyone said I was a goodie goodie and would never do it. I DID IT! I regret it today... but there it is to remind me.... I don't think it proved anything

  9. Long ago, I climbed over a fence to avoid paying the cover charge at a bar.....

  10. Amy! No regrets. Lola has a tattoo moment in Living the Vida Lola--will she or won't she? Part of me likes the idea of a belly button piercing, but my tummy will NEVER be flat enough for that!

  11. Anonymous, I'd say your good girl status is still intact. If a marriage is over, it's over, and a piece of paper doesn't mean a whole lot, right?!

  12. LOL, Shelly! Didn't get caught, I assume?

  13. I went TDY for 41 days with 24 hrs notice. 3rd time I had flown and I was terrified to be alone. Had to get daughter on ck'g account to pay bills etc before I left and take care of my cat. Had To get to airport, thru ck in, get to correct gate then debark, find luggage, rental car, drive to motel. Next morn, find base and building to report. WOW!! I am still amazed that I actually did it. Of course I got to base fine each morning but went sight seeing on my way home for 2 wks,. LOL. San Antonia is one big city..But I loved it. Got on trolly and went to River Walk several times and was just great time. Was over 11 yrs ago and I am retired now but would do it again if I could.

  14. Hi Ladies!
    I want to be Lola. I like to describe myself as " A wolf in sheep's clothing." No one ever expects a mama of five to go skinny dippin' in Virginia Beach. I was there with the kiddos for a national dance competition. I still had the body, my hubby was home and I still felt alive back then. The babes were in bed and mama took a dip with some other mamas who were there alone too.. It's was late, we had a bit to drink, there were people walking on the boardwalk but we didn't care. Women should consider themselves as "Goddesses" and what hubby don't know sure won't hurt him!! LOL!!


  15. While in college, we pitched a tent and consecrated the lawn in front of the Capitol Building. We told security that we testing the manufacters claim that the tent was both water repellant and insulated.

  16. So, enyl, how was it? Water repellant and insulated? LOL!!! That's crazy!!

  17. Lady Graeye, that is an awesome story!!!

  18. Miskallie, wow, good for you! That is adventurous, and i bet you felt great!

  19. I did get on a motorcycle with a total "bad" boy--very daring for me, believe me. Would love to win, Lola looks great. Thanks.

  20. I was asked out by a man that I being who i am would have never even consider going out with and I decided to go out with him. He was the biker kind,tall, darklong,wavy hair, good looking man, but you see I'm the girl next door type, married my high school bf, 3 daughters, never did anything out of the norm. So a yr after my divorce and my family were driving me crazy with introducing me to all their friends. I met this biker at a cookout ( family cookout) and he asked and I said yes. Well I shocked everyone I knew. he seemed very nice, was fun to talk to and we had a lot in common.
    I was to meet him at a bar,( a bar I did not know anything about) and we were going to go for dinner. When I found the bar, I was the only car there. All the rest were bikes. I was a little scared to go in. After I got my nerve up, I finally went in and it wasn't that bad of a place. Very clean, nice tables, low lighting but you could see to walk and the music was low so you could hear each other talking. It turned out to be a very nice place and the people may have been dressed in leathers and had a lot of facial hair but they were very nice, polite and I ended up staying there for dinner and the company. I had a lot of fun meeting them and hearing their stories. I made a lot of good friends that night. they still pick on me about that night.What happen to my date? We have been together for the last 13 yrs and we have a 3yr old son. Plus my grown daughters and many granddaughters.

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  24. I knew my husband for only two months when we got married. I followed my heart not my head and I was totally not thinking. It has been a wonderful ride and we just celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary.

  25. As a good girl, the one thing I did in high school I never thought I would do. I stole another girl's boyfriend. I guess the bad girl in me slipped out.



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