Review - Creature ABC by Andrew Zuckerman

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Creature ABC
Ages 4-8, 120 p, Chronicle Books, Isbn-0811869784

An elegant addition to any library, this deluxe alphabet book features 120 pages of Andrew Zuckerman's breathtaking wildlife photography. From alligator to zebra, each featured animal boasts two striking studio portraits against a clean white background, offering a unique up-close view of the animal kingdom. Readers can flip to a helpful glossary in the back for extra information. From the sleek beauty of a smiling hippo to the powerful majesty of a roaring lion, this gorgeous new book is both a stunning work of art and a ferociously fun way for young animal-lovers to learn their ABCs.

The book is good. The glossy photos - the details in them as if the creatures were about to leap off the pages - were just perfect! I just wish all the letters were represented by the appropriate creature.

Don't get me wrong - most of them are, but some aren't. Like N is for nocturnal creatures (which is more the category than an actual creature) etc. And in some other cases, the creatures don't really start with the letter they're paired with. Like X is Oryx - ?? Now that's really not right. Without thinking I could come up with N is for Newt. X did took a little of online searching, but I found a ton of creatures that begin with the letter X here. I understand the author is a photographer and it's his stunning photos featured here. Maybe he didn't photograph those particular creatures. Maybe...

Whatever the reason, I was looking forward to using this book to teach my toddler his letters and I simply don't want him learning wrong associations with some of these letter-photo combos. I'd say the book is intended more for the older kid who already knows his letters and is into learning more about the creatures themselves, than the alphabet.

Overall, I like this book, but don't love it.

Note - This book was received for review/feature consideration.
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2 People said

  1. We love the BIRD book I won. The photography is breathtaking! I'll have to look for this one.

  2. I love picture books, always looking out for new ones like Creature ABC!


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