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Author Guest Post - Dr. David Robinson

Readers, please join me welcoming Dr. David Robinson who will be guest blogging here today, as part of the book tour forTransforming Body, Mind and Spirit: The Non-Diet Way to Live Fit, Trim, Healthy for Life

Maximizing Your Ability to Live Fit, Trim, Healthy for Life

Most people are also willing to try any “magic” drug, rub, lotion, potion or so-called “secret” that is pitched to them in order to “lose weight” or get a “hot body”. The proof is the billions that are spent each year by consumers on products that promise to achieve this, usually in an accelerated time frame.

The only thing consumers usual get is duped, along with a good dose of frustration. This is a recurring cycle for many people.

Just because there is an endorsement from someone who is touted to be the “biggest and the best” in their industry or is a “world renowned” personality or celebrity, does not mean the promise from whatever is being marketed is real, healthy, good for you or your particular body, physiology and level of health. Understand the “proclaimed guru” is PAID for the endorsement, and usually handsomely.

The first brutally honest truth about “weight loss” is that it’s a method which is both incomplete and incorrect.

The second brutal fact is there are no “revolutionary”, “new”or “secret” methods, gadgets, etc.

And as far as methods claiming to produce quick results, question its potential for hidden health consequences.

These kinds of expectation result in the bail-n-fail syndrome. Real results come from getting educated about the fact that proper body composition and body contouring are the proper goals to have. This means shedding body fat while gaining or maintaining lean muscle. This means understanding that it takes the tried-n-true, old school methods: effort, time and patience, or, hard work.

There is just no way around it, body contouring, involves several key components: proper exercise, good nutrition/supplementation and proper sleep, and engaging in regular meditation/mindfulness as well as some down time or R-n-R. Each aspect enhances the other for optimal results and benefits.

As far as exercise is concerned, it’s important to keep changing it, add variety to your routine so the body does not adapt or get used to your routine. Changing up the exercise routine keeps your muscles from becoming “lazy”, so to speak.

There are several factors to keep in mind – other than the primary one that accelerated weight loss is not healthy – when it comes to proper body composition and body contouring, i.e., losing body fat while gaining or maintaining muscle:

* Eat properly according to the New Food Pyramid and try to “fuel” your body every 3-4 hours.
* Stay away from weight loss diets, calorie restricted and nutritionally limited diets.
* Use a proper nutritional, “complete vitamin/mineral” supplement. Adding a whole food supplement and a complete amino acid supplement will help your metabolism.
* Keep your cardio exercise/fitness routine in the “sweat zone” (your “target heart range”) for at least 30 minutes (after you have worked up to that point).
* Don’t forget strength training exercises to gain or maintain lean muscle.
* For maximum benefits do your cardio after your strength training or on alternate days. This helps to burn more body fat more efficiently.
* Allow your body 2-3 days of rest depending on how intense your exercise/fitness routine is and don’t push beyond 4 days in a row of exercise/fitness.
* Learn about and begin a daily practice of meditation. Don’t balk, the mind/spirit aspect is most important in achieving your goals! Learn about it!

The primary factor to remember is that once your goal is reached you MUST maintain the above elements or your hard-won results will wane and you’ll succumb to bail-n-fail Being fit, trim and healthy should be a lifelong endeavor. It has to become part of your lifestyle. Think of it as shedding bad habits while shedding body fat and contouring good habits while enhancing your body, mind and spirit health.

About the Book:
Dr. Robinson discusses in his book Transforming Body, Mind and Spirit, that for decades, Americans’ lifestyles have been extremely unhealthy and they have been apathetic about it. And the results have been dramatically worsened levels of health and the number of cases of chronic disease exploding.

According to Robinson, lifestyle changes will have to be made or the price will be paid. And it is already happening. Mandatory Minimum health care insurance is law in Massachusetts and this mandate is likely to become national policy. Merit-Rated health insurance premiums and Lifestyle Contributed Surcharges on health care may be the next wave of changes implemented!

Don’t get trapped by this “New Order” of health insurance. In Dr. David Robinson's book, Transforming Body, Mind and Spirit, you'll learn how to make lifestyle changes that last a lifetime and learn how to make a total transformation while achieving great energy, great health and great looks. Transforming Body, Mind & Spirit is your A to Z, all-in-one, concise guide to a balanced and healthy life that will teach you that you can live fit, trim and healthy for the rest of your life!

Thank you for that informative post, dear author!


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  1. I'm a sucker for self-help, new age, mind-body-spirit books like this book by Dr. Robinson! Thanks for bringing this new book to my attention!


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