Book Excerpt - In the Garden of Sin by Lousia Burton

Sunday, September 27, 2009

320p, Bantam

About the Book

Two linked tales are set in an ancient castle where four exquisitely beautiful beings who thrive on carnal energy entice and ravish their human guests.

Hannah Leeds is The English Courtesan, a seventeenth-century maiden who apprentices herself as a courtesan-in-training to Venetian nobleman Domenico Vitturi, offering her body in exchange for his patronage. Don Domenico has resigned himself to a life without love, his once-handsome face having been disfigured by the scars of war. He brings Hannah to the Castle of the Hidden Grotto to be tutored in the arts of love by its insatiable and inventive residents, little knowing that she has come for more than just an erotic education….

In Hunger vampires Anton Turek and Galiana Solsa satisfy their voracious erotic appetites while feeding on their prey. Weary of playing lapdog to the powerful, sadistic Galiana, Anton renews his quest to possess Lili, the beautiful succubus with whom he’s been obsessed for centuries—while Galiana sets her sights on the godlike, sexually ravenous Elic, whom Lili loves but can never make love to. Desire and vengeance reach a fever pitch at the Castle during an invitation-only Renaissance festival with a BDSM twist.

Louisa Burton invites readers to indulge in their most sinful fantasies with these two thrilling and edgy new tales of eroticism and romance.

This is an erotic fiction excerpt, which is sexually explicit and intended for adults. By reading it, you are affirming that you are 18 years of age or older.

The Opening of “Hunger”
From In the Garden of Sin
A July 2009 trade paperback from Bantam
Copyright © 2009 Louisa Burton. All rights reserved.
The Middle of the Night, Early September
Greenwich Village, New York City

“How about a bite?”

Anton Turek heard Galiana Solsa’s seductively husky voice, raised a few decibels for his benefit, as he stood in a moonlit alley off Bleeker Street, lighting a fourth Gitanes off the third.

Took you long enough. Turek ground the unsmoked cigarette underfoot and retreated deeper into the brick-walled passage, ducking behind an artfully arranged jumble of old wooden pallets. He crouched, rather than knelt, so as to keep the knees of his new black Dolce & Gabbana jeans from coming into contact with the grimy concrete.

The crack-crack-crack of Galiana’s stilettos grew louder, underscored by thudding from the big, multi-buckled boots worn by the guy she’d been rubbing up against at The Fallout Shelter around the corner on Macdougal. Fallout was a teeming, murky, screaming-loud little joint with cinderblock walls that drew a punk-goth clientele of which Galiana’s take-out du jour, who’d introduced himself as Oxy, was drearily typical: swastika neck tattoo, studded motorcycle jacket, striped stovepipe pants, the clown boots, and chopped-up lampblack hair that had been waxed and sprayed into a calcified semblance of disarray.

Oxy and Galiana had been tossing them back for about an hour—Irish whiskey for him and silver bullets for her, both on her tab—when she whispered something in his ear while molding his hand to the crotch of her low-rise spandex booty shorts.

The mind is subtle, she liked to say. The cock is not.

She’d caught Turek’s eye, smiled, and gave him a little nod. He’d drained his Booker’s Manhattan, bit the cherry off the stem, laid a fifty on the bar, and made his way to this, her favorite alley in the Village.

That had been forty minutes ago. She didn’t give a damn how long she made him cool his heels, she never had.

“Well?” Galiana’s footsteps ceased, followed by Oxy’s.

Turek’s gums tickled as he peered between the weathered wooden slats of his “hunting blind,” as he thought of it—although it was Galiana who did most of the actual hunting, per se. He had a hard time getting humans to let down their defenses enough to go off alone with him. Something about him put them off. It didn’t used to be that way. Before his forty Lost Years, as he thought of them, he’d been fairly adept at the kind of interpersonal bullshit that won people over. It had come naturally to him; in fact, he’d been known for his savoir faire.

Not anymore.

Galiana and Oxy stood facing each other on the sidewalk right outside the alley. He was quite the strapping specimen by punk standards, but Galiana, propelled to six and a half feet in those heels and draped in one of the “zip-capes” she liked to wear when she was on the prowl—long and hooded, with linebacker shoulder pads—could have been Darth Vader next to his puny Luke Skywalker.

“Are you hungry?” she asked.

“You fucking bitch, you gotta be shitting me.” Oxy’s booze-thickened snarl made Turek smile. His cock twitched. Galiana didn’t care to be spoken to that way. It made her cross.

It made her ravenous.

“You rub a guy’s hand on your snatch and whisper that dirty shit in his ear,” Oxy said, “you don’t just take him outside and tell him it’s time to eat.”

In a cartoonishly suggestive purr, she said, “I didn’t say what it was time to eat.”

It took him a second, and then he snorted in an “I get it” way that prompted Galiana, as she turned and strode into the alley, to roll her eyes in Turek’s direction. Tonight, her blue-black hair was sculpted into fat coils and severe bangs—a neo-forties, Blade Runner look enhanced by those ink stroke brows and kohl-limned eyes.

The zip-cape was fashioned, like her thigh-high boots, of licorice-black vinyl. It billowed with her leonine strides despite the fifty pounds of lead ingots sewn into its hidden pockets, since their weight was located mostly in the upper back and shoulder pads. Most women could barely lift such a garment, much less wear it. Brass zippers lined every edge, from the floor-skimming hem to the deep hood, and there were two oversized belt loops, or what looked like belt loops, one on each side.

“Yes,” Turek breathed when, instead of hanging the cape on the old wrought iron lamp hook halfway down the alley, as she most often did, she swung it onto the ground, lining side up. She walked right over it, chuckling when Oxy hesitated to do the same.
“Go ahead,” she said as she turned to face him in front of the alley’s only window, which was tall, narrow, and iron-barred. “I’m chucking it tonight. I’ve had it for ages.” Since 2002, to be precise, which was when she had ordered yet another gross of them from the Hong Kong raincoat manufacturer that had been producing them to her specifications for some twenty years. The remaining three dozen or so of the current batch were hanging in the twenty-by-sixteen-foot dressing room she’d created out of a spare bedroom in their apartment.

Galiana leaned against the window, leveling her most pheromone-drenched gaze at Oxy as she caressed her breasts through her spandex top. It had an ultra-deep U-neck that showed off not just a luxuriant expanse of cleavage, but three glittering strands that might have been taken for the bottom loops of a triple diamond necklace—except that she wasn’t wearing a necklace.

Oxy leered as she pulled the elastic fabric open, stretching it around her breasts. Inserted in each nipple was a small platinum ring to which the ends of the three diamond strands were attached.

“On your knees,” Oxy said as he unzipped his fly.

“Yeah, right,” she snickered as she shimmied out of the shorts. Beneath them, she was bare except for a little black lightning bolt of pubic hair and the five-carat diamond adorning her clit. “You’re the one who’s going to be genuflecting tonight, my friend.”

“The fuck I am. Get on your fucking knees, bitch.” He grabbed her shoulders and tried to shove her down.

She swatted him away as casually as she would swat a mosquito.

He slapped her so hard, her head snapped around.

Galiana smiled slowly as she rubbed her cheek. “Ooh, a bad boy,” she said. “You like it rough, bad boy? You like to show your bitches who’s boss? I guess that’s something we have in common.”

She hauled back and punched him in the face.

“Fuck!” Oxy stumbled back, cupping his abraded cheek. “Shit!”

He balled a hand into a fist and whipped it toward Galiana’s head.

She seized his wrist, hissing with bared teeth. With her other hand, she reached into his pants, the muscles of her forearm flexing as she squeezed.

He yowled and tried to wrench her arm away, to no avail.

“Shh.” She whispered some words in the long-dead Etruscan tongue of her homeland.

It was like flipping a switch. Oxy’s mouth still gaped as if in mid-scream, but all that emerged from it was a strangled whimper.

Still gripping his balls, she said in the low feline rumble that Turek thought of as her Hell Voice, “Who’s the bitch now, bitch?”

His throat spasmed as he tried in vain to form words out of the helpless gurgle rising from it.

Reverting back to her usual Kathleen Turner purr, she said, “I’m not letting go until I get an answer, and I am a very patient woman. Who’s the bitch?”

“I... I... I am.” It was a barely audible rasp, but an impressive effort, considering the grip Galiana had on him, both psychic and physical.

“You’re what?” she demanded. “Say it.”

Fucking drama queen, Turek thought as his stomach grumbled. Galiana loved to toy with her pigeons, get them in a corner with their wings broken, and bat them around a bit before she pounced.

“Th-the bitch,” he croaked.

“Whose bitch?” she demanded.


“On your knees, bitch.”

She pushed him down, clutching his spiky hair as she thrust herself against his mouth. “Work that tongue. Flick the diamond. Faster.” She slapped his head. “Faster. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah... Now, slow down. Back off a little. Make it last.”

Make it last? “Verdammt,” Turek whispered as he crouched there, his knees aching like a motherfucker. “Blöde Fotze.” When a swear word leapt to his lips, it was more often than not in the language of his Bohemian youth, although he’d trained the last vestiges of a Germanic accent out of his English after World War I broke out; too much bullshit to have to deal with during one’s world travels. Galiana had cultivated an American accent, but Turek went with refined British, the better to score the best tables and otherwise throw his weight around in English-speaking countries.

Between the First and Second World Wars, he was occasionally mistaken for Edward, Prince of Wales, which he didn’t get at all. Granted, they were both champagne-blond and Teutonic, and they both knew how to properly tie an ascot, but Turek was a hell of a lot taller and better built, and facially, there was a world of difference. Turek’s eyes were pale gray, not blue, and he had—back then, before 1982 and his “Post Fuck-up Makeover,” as Galiana insisted on calling it—a much stronger jaw, a broader brow, fuller lips...

His virile good looks and that oh-so-flaxen hair had made him a pussy magnet for six centuries, so it had killed him to have to get the plastic surgery and hazel contacts, not to mention having to dye his hair and eyebrows a darker shade of blond every few weeks. Galiana had wanted him to go with brown or even black, but it wouldn’t have looked natural with his pale complexion. The physical transformation was jarring enough without ending up looking like Wayne Newton.

When Galiana first started talking surgery, he’d tried to argue his way out of it, but eventually he’d had to concede that she was right. They had his mug shot; they knew his name. He was bound to be re-arrested eventually; even if he were to leave the country, he could be extradited back to New York. Two centuries had passed since his forty-year stint in a Parisian prison cell, but the memory was still pretty fucking fresh. It wasn’t going to happen again if he could help it.

And it wasn’t like he hadn’t brought the whole shitstorm down on himself. He’d been an asshole to let himself be seen dumping that disco bitch’s drained corpse in that Staten Island landfill. If Galiana hadn’t pulled off her “Mission Impossible Jailbreak,” as the New York Post had trumpeted it, he might still be serving time.

“Can you save the dimples?” he’d asked the plastic surgeon as the anesthetic was being injected into his IV.

“You don’t have dimples,” replied the doc, a guy Galiana had found who had his own private little hospital in the Caribbean for well-heeled Bad Guys. “They’re just creases.”

“Chicks think they’re dimples. Can you save them?”

“Sure. Whatever.”

Sure. Whatever. Just the kind of precise, scientific response you like to hear from a guy who’s standing over a tray of knives and bone saws while you’re heading into la-la land.

The dimples—and they were dimples—were still there after the surgery, but otherwise you’d never have recognized him from before. His jaw, while still manly, was narrower, and the cleft chin was history; his eyes were a little smaller, but not unattractively so. Turek’s nose had gotten badly broken when one of New York’s finest grabbed his head and slammed it face-first into asphalt. Injuries to an Upír healed swiftly, but not always tidily. The nose was a mess, but rather than surgically reshape it, Dr. Whatever had suggested leaving it unset and seeing how it healed. It healed looking like some five-year-old had made it out of Play-Doh.

“It looks like shit,” Turek had said as he inspected his new face in the little hand mirror they gave him after the bandages came off.

“You look like a prizefighter,” Galiana said. “Women will want to kiss it and make it feel better.”

“I can make your cock look like that, too, if you want,” offered Dr. Whatever, and he’d laughed like hell without missing a stroke as he fucked Galiana against the wall next to Turek’s hospital bed.

The good doc had altered his physical features quite thoroughly, right down to grafting on new fingerprints from “a guy who never even got a speeding ticket, so we’re talking squeaky clean.” Turek didn’t ask whether the guy in question was a cadaver or alive, not because it made him queasy, but because he simply didn’t care. He did care that his fingertips had looked a little odd ever since the surgery, but that was a small price to pay for a nice, shiny new set of prints.

By the time Turek got out of the hospital, Galiana, in an effort to make their “after dinner clean-up” a bit simpler and more discreet in the future, had already ordered her first batch of zip-capes. She had also arranged for new personal documentation—driver’s license, passport, the works—identifying him as Anthony Prazak, a name he’d chosen because it meant “from Prague,” the city of his birth. He’d taken Galiana’s suggestion to change “Anton” to “Anthony,” only to find himself dubbed “Tony” by just about everyone he met. When he complained to Galiana about being saddled against his will with a nickname that he regarded as juvenile and low-class, her advice was for him to lighten the fuck up.

“My name for the first couple hundred years of my life was Thanchvil Vestarcnies,” she’d said, “and it was a butt-ugly name even back then. Most people have to take what they get when it comes to names. At least you got to choose your last name.”

Small comfort, especially four years later, when a new antidepressant hit the market, and “Prazak” morphed overnight into “Prozac,” always uttered with at least a hint of a snicker.

Because it was just so fucking funny.

“Yeah, Oxy, that’s the way,” Galiana said in a shuddery voice. “Get some fingers up there. More, bitch. Fill me up. Both holes. Good boy...”

When she finally came, it was with a low, voluptuous moan that drew giggly whispers from a pair of hipster chicks in sloppy sweaters passing by on the sidewalk with their cigarettes. They glanced into the alley, but it was too dark for them to see much.

“Stand up,” Galiana commanded, as imperious as before, if a bit more breathless. “Get those pants down.”

Oxy unbuckled his belt and shoved the pants down to the knees. His ass was small and muscular. Not bad, if you ignored the testosterone-poisoned dickhead it was attached to.

“Now, make yourself nice and hard. Good boy,” she praised as Oxy masturbated with brisk strokes, ass flexing.

Reaching overhead, Galiana grabbed a high crossbar of the iron window grille, pulled herself up, and wrapped her vinyl-booted legs around his hips. “You know what to do.”

He fumbled between them.

“Come on, push,” she said. “Haven’t you ever done this before?”

He grabbed the bars and flexed his hips, groaning.

“Deeper,” she said. “Deeper. Now stop. Don’t move. That’s right,” she said, the diamond strands glinting as she undulated in a slow, serpentine rhythm. “You just stand there nice and still and let me pump that cock.”

Still gripping the bars, Oxy closed his eyes and let out a quavering moan, his head falling back. Galiana’s internal muscles were amazingly strong, the most powerful Turek had ever experienced, and she had complete control over them. Fucking her was like sticking your dick in a milking machine.

“Not so bad now, are you, bad boy?” With one hand still gripping the iron bar, Galiana slid out the partial denture that mimicked lateral incisors to either side of her front teeth, whereupon her fangs—curved, sharply pointed, and longer than Turek’s, because of her age—sprang down from their grooves in the roof of her mouth.

Setting the denture carefully on the windowsill, she yanked Oxy’s head forward by the hair and glided her tongue up the side of his neck from collarbone to jaw.

It’s about time.

Turek stepped out from behind his blind as he removed his own two-tooth denture, which he tucked into a pocket of his lambskin blazer. His hollow fangs snapped down, sparking electric tingles that buzzed along the conduits in the roof of his mouth all the way to his cock, which grew half-erect in anticipation.

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  1. Great stories for sure but probably too edgy for me! In the mood more for romance right now!

  2. Shawna L

    Two linked tales are set in an ancient castle...I can already see that this is a book for me!! Thanks for the review I have been wanting to read this but wasn't sure it was for me but after your review I know now I really do need & want to read this amazing book ~!!!!


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