Guest Post - Kaila Roti of Coral Press

Friday, August 07, 2009

Today's guest blog post comes courtesy Kaila Roti, of, dedicated to the publication of that little known genre, 
Musical Fiction!

Hey guys. Passing by this book blog, I was impressed by how much it covers! I work for Coral Press, an Indie publishing company that puts out Musical Fiction. With our passion for music and literature, we decided to put the two together and publish musical novels.

Since I’ve become involved with Coral Press, I’ve become completely captivated by what the press has to offer. We’ve published six musical novels so far, and we’re always looking for the next great piece of musical fiction. If you have a love for music or literature—or better, both—definitely check out our website. It has all of the books we’ve published, and we’re always updating it with new ways for people to get involved, including contests and songs from our books.

I personally recommend the novel Meet the Annas: I’m about half way through it, but already I really love the fusion of the rock ‘n’ roll mood of the 60s and the story’s suspense. Anyway, check it all out at!

Thanks for the enlightening post, Kaila! Readers, your thoughts / comments are most welcome.
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3 People said

  1. Awesome! Meet the Annas is great. I found out that Coral Press even has recorded a song from the book!! I found it by clicking various things on their site, but in any case you can listen at

    Looks like they have a lot of cool stuff up and coming. Great guest post! :)

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  3. I love your posts:) My friends referred me your site for the first time. And I'm still following your posts everyday. Take care. Keep sharing.


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