Book Excerpt - Baby Smarts by Jackie Silberg

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby Smarts: Games for Playing and Learning ~ Jackie Silberg
128 p, Gryphon House, ISBN: 0876590652

About the Book:

Baby Smarts is divided into four chapters, each representing a three-month period. Each chapter begins with a chart that helps parents anticipate the typical developmental milestones for that age. The corresponding games and activities will develop and reinforce the skills needed to reach those milestones. Each activity in Baby Smarts uses common materials found in the home—there’s no need for expensive toys or props. Roll a ball to your baby to develop her muscle coordination. Sing songs and talk to your baby to develop his language abilities. Create patterns with cereal boxes or blocks to develop her math skills. Every activity in Baby Smarts builds the foundation for future learning!

Develomental Games for Infants

My book Baby Smarts is filled with developmental games based on the newest brain research.

The games will help you build your baby’s brain power one activity at a time as they reinforce the skills babies need to reach milestones.

I want parents and teachers to realize how smart infants are and just because they don’t have language does not mean that they don’t understand.

Here are two games that you can play with your baby.

Floating Feathers (3-6 month olds)

  • Lie down on your back with your baby next to you.
  • Throw a brightly colored feather in the air and watch it float gently to the ground.
  • This is a very relaxing game, and it challenges babies to follow (track) objects with their eyes.
(Note: You can find feathers at art supply stores.)

Under the Blanket (9-12 month olds)

This game develops your baby’s observation skills, demonstrates the concept of “under,” and enhances your baby’s ability to follow directions.

Let your baby watch as you hide a small toy under a pillow.
After you hide the toy, ask her to find it.

If she does not understand, ask her again and show her that the toy is under the pillow.
Tell her that you are now going to hide the toy under the blanket.

Keep hiding the toy in different places that are “under” something.

Jackie Silberg...aka...Miss Jackie
Newest Book - Baby Smarts
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author, children's songwriter, keynote speaker, early childhood consultant, and concert artist

Thank you for that interesting exercise, Jackie! Readers, your thoughts and comments are most welcome.
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