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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Readers, please join me welcoming Author Joy Nash who will be guest blogging here today!

Summer musings lead to a summer romance novel!
By Joy Nash

Summer has always been my favorite season of the year. I love the long days, the nice weather, the school’s-out feeling, the abundant flowers and vegetables growing in my garden, and the sense of limitless possibilities. And of course, the beach! Which, to me, is synonymous with the Jersey Shore.

I met my first serious boyfriend one summer at the Jersey Shore, when I was sixteen. And while that kid is long gone, (I wonder what he’s doing now? Note to self: look him up on Facebook), the magic of a summer romance is a feeling that’s always stayed with me.

I spent a lot of time at the shore as a kid--and I still manage to get back for at least a week every summer with my own kids. So it’s no wonder I’ve set my first contemporary romance, A Little Light Magic (Leisure Books, June 09), at the Jersey Shore.

Nick Santangelo is a guy who takes his responsibilities to his family seriously. He owns a contracting business he inherited from his deceased father. He worries about his widowed mother, who’s entering some kind of menopausal mid-life crisis. His teenage daughter, who was born when Nick was just eighteen, constantly ties his not-very-well-expressed emotions in knots. And if that’s not enough, Nick’s hands are full watching out for his nonna, a sweet little old Italian lady with a penchant for shoplifting.

The very last thing Nick needs is in his life is another crazy woman. But that’s just what he gets when a favor for a friend has him agreeing to an after-hours carpentry job he absolutely doesn’t have time for. Tori Morgan claims she changed Nick’s mind about renovating her New Age shop by lighting a candle magic spell; Nick knows that’s ridiculous. But he can’t help being taken in by Tori’s free-spirited ways. As long as he’s careful to keep his social life and his family life separate, everything should work out fine. If only it was that easy…

I had such fun writing this book! I want it to be a mini-summer vacation for everyone who reads it. J To make the summer magic seem even more real, I sent Nick and Tori to the quirky, real life places in and around Atlantic City, New Jersey. If you can’t get to the Jersey Shore this summer, I hope you’ll take the tour on my website,! (You definitely don’t want to miss the six-story wooden elephant!) While you’re browsing, take time to enter my monthly contest. Who knows, the Jersey Shore might be coming to you this summer, in the form of a box of genuine Shriver’s Fudge and Salt Water Taffy.

Happy Summer Reading!


Thank you for that entertaining post, dear Author! Readers, your thoughts / comments are most welcome.
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2 People said

  1. Hi there, Joy! I love the summer mini-vacation concept you mention. I truly believe books are inexpensive vacations that can take people anywhere they're willing to go. Thank you for sharing your story with folks today!
    Sandy Lender
    sandy_lender at yahoo dot com

  2. Hi Joy! Sorry I missed you here on your day!! I haven't been on the computer as much with the heat (it gives off alot of heat, especially the laptop). I have have the joy of reading all your books. You've been a wonderful autobuy! I have your new one here and soon to read. Really a beautiful cover and sounds too like a beautiful story within! I do plan to read it like at a park soon, sitting under the tree with a breeze. I do remember those summers of love too, and have have had my hero now 26 years. This is going to be a great read!


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