Book Excerpt - Rewriting Monday by Jodi Thomas

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bailee, Texas
Population 15,007
March 20, 2008

Chapter 1

Dust battered the side of my rusty Saturn as I counted out the money I had left in my purse.

Two hundred, forty-five dollars and some change. “The great Pepper Malone has tumbled,” I mumbled as if my life could be summed up in a headline.

I had enough to drive to Dallas and stay a week in a cheap, very cheap, motel while I looked for a new job. Enough to make it back to Chicago and face the music. Enough to hide out here in Bailee, Texas , for a month or more.

The choices were like trying to pick a roommate at an alligator refuge. I managed a grin and decided this time my rushing-in-like-a-fool attitude might get me hurt.

Closing my eyes, I fought back tears. I wasn’t strong enough to start over in Dallas with no friends, no family and no job. Or, brave enough to face what I’d done in Chicago.

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