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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rosie Flo's Coloring Book
36 pp, Black line drawings throughout, includes 2 perforated postcards, Ages 8 and up, Paperback

This wonderful collection of dresses and costumes is just waiting for characters to wear them, and that's where you come in. You create the heads, legs, and arms, and then color and complete each scene any way you imagine it.

Rosie Flo's Garden Coloring Book

Rosie Flo is having a garden party, and the wonderful clothes are all here. You're invited to join in the fun by creating just the right character to wear each costume. You draw the heads, legs, and arms, and then color and finish each scene exactly as you like. Look for dresses inspired by flowers and plants of all sorts—and some charming fairies and gnomes, too!

Rosie Flo's Animals Coloring Book

A zebra dress, a peacock skirt, a spiderweb gown, giraffe boots, and many other fantastic creations await you in this animal-themed Rosie Flo coloring book. You add the heads, legs, and arms for each costume, and then color the characters, their animals, and their surroundings any way as you see fit. You decide exactly how these wild fashions will come to life!

About the Author
Roz Streeten is an artist and designer from Bath, England. She was inspired to create the Rosie Flo coloring books after drawing many dresses at the request of her two young daughters, who would then color them in.

My Thoughts
These books are really great and fun to color in... Provided you're a girl, at whom these are primarily aimed, or boys who enjoy these kind of activities. One other thing I should point out is the Age factor. These books are meant for 8+ year olds and in my opinion, they're truly not meant for younger audience.

I tried sharing these coloring books with my toddler and while thus far, he's always surprised me by enjoying books far above his age recommendation, these just didn't grab his attention. Neither the designs, nor the overall layout of the books attracted him. Here I have to confess -- I enjoyed them! Yes, I started coloring in them to encourage him. But my son soon wandered off, thoroughly bored, while I continued coloring, engrossed in it even.

I reiterate, these are really good books, but just keep the age/gender restrictions in mind.

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