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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Destiny of the Wolf
Terry Spear
448 p, Sourcebooks Casablanca, 1402216688
Today A Book Blogger's Diary is happy to host Terry Spear, author of  Destiny of the Wolf, courtesy Danielle of Sourcebooks Publicity.

About Terry Spear

A retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry Spear has an MBA from Monmouth College. She writes paranormal, historical and true life stories for both teen and adult audiences. She is the author of Heart of the Wolf and Winning the Highlander@s Heart. Spear lives in Texas.

Destiny of the Werewolf

I was getting ready to come up with a brilliant post when a news note distracted me: World Naked Bike Ride kicks off March 7 in Australia.

Hope they’re wearing lots of good sunscreen where it counts!  But they’re doing so to encourage awareness of cutting down on the use of cars. Is it illegal to ride naked in public? Yep, most places.

How does this affect me? My werewolves drive Suburbans. But then they have a lot of pack members and so they’re saving fuel by carpooling. 

They get naked, too, but to run as the wolf, so they’re soon dressed again—in wolf coats.

Destiny of the Wolf is now out, and continues the story about werewolves living in our world. In the debut book, Heart of the Wolf, which made Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of the Year, the focus is on the hero and heroine and the mess they get into both in Colorado and Oregon, the werewolves blending in with society without giving themselves away. But in Destiny of the Wolf, the focus is on a pack who actually runs a town in Colorado. To Tempt the Wolf coming September 1, is set on the Oregon coast where the hero loses his home, pack, and is thrown together with a heroine who is mixed up in her own troubles. In Legend of the White Wolf, the title to change, the story is about Arctic werewolves. So each is unique, dealing with different kinds of pack issues, set in different locations and each is a stand alone title.

But all that will change. Fans have fallen in love with several of the secondary characters, so my next two in the series that I’m working on will be about some of those characters and the trouble they get into.

This past weekend I was at the Shreveport Nola Stars Romance Writers conference. Everyone was so friendly, and I met a lot of super writers, published authors, and my own editor even! So that was a real treat! Whenever I attended conferences in the past, I always thought how neat it was when authors got to meet with their agents and editors! Plus, I gave my first in-person Happy Hookers workshop and that was fun, too. I’ll be presenting a teen writers workshop this summer, and another Happy Hookers workshop, a little longer version in Toronto in the fall. I can’t wait! My mother is actually from Canada and I’ve only had the privilege to visit Quebec once.

When I was first starting out with writing, a couple of authors gave me some good advice: start the story where the world has turned upside for the character. Great advice. And I’ll add: persevere. Whether it’s with pursuing a career, publication, any dream you have your sights set on, never give up. Keep on trying, and you’ll get there.

Thanks so much for hosting me today at A Book Blogger’s Diary!

Here’s where you can find me, and I’m always looking for new friends!

Thanks again! Terry

Thank you for that entertaining post, dear Author! Readers, your thoughts / comments are most welcome.

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8 People said

  1. LMAO about the Naked Bike Ride. I'm a pale girl so that is definitely not an event for me.
    (though I HAVE went skinny dipping - and loved it)

  2. Naked Bike Rides - I don't think so! How many people do you know that you'd like to see riding a bike naked? Heck, most of the time I don't like looking at them in those bike shorts - there's something to be said for leaving something to the imagination. As for sunscreen, they don't make a high enough SPF for me. I don't only burn, I blister. Talk about pain! Loved the post, Terry and I can't wait to get the book.

    Robin :)

  3. LOL, Terry! I'd just like to see a picture or two of the Naked Bike Ride.
    Looking forward to the new books. Good luck!

  4. Great post, Terry! And a naked bike ride is a definite attention getter.


  5. I met Deb before she became my editor, ditto with my agent. I always find it interesting to hear how authors hooked up (sorry, couldn't resist) with their editors/agents.

  6. Hey, Kimber, hmm, skinny dipping, hope you were some place nice and warm!

    Robin, thanks! :) I was thinking that too, that there'd be a lot of people who'd look better with their clothes on. LOL

    I'm with you, Cheryl. Maybe there's just one hunk who we could feature on Wickedly Romantic!

    Linda, yeah, with a title like that, got my attention! :) Thanks!

    I so agree, Judi! And she was one of the best speakers on the agent/editor panel. So much so that several people told me afterwards that they were really impressed with Sourcebooks after they heard her speak. :)Her enthusiasm for our books is always so inspiring.

    Thanks so much to everyone for dropping by and commenting. I really appreciated it! :)

  7. Thanks for the post, it really makes me want to check these out. Also, are they available as ebooks?


  8. I love your fictional world, with the wolves as real workaday folks who just happen to go... wolfie... once in a while!


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