Review - Waterspouts and Chimney Tops Perpetual Calendar

Saturday, February 07, 2009

This perpetual calendar features the eye-catching artwork of Lisa DeJohn.

It includes
  - Desktop Stand
  - Wheels to turn for date, days of the week, month and weather.

My thoughts

First and foremost, it's true that the artwork is very catchy. However, it also utterly dominates the calendar, making it a difficult chore to spot the dates, month name etc among the vividly colored trees, boats etc.

I did like the weather feature, though. Not many calendars feature that.

It does include 2 grooved cardboard pieces to act as a Desktop stand. And they'd be very effective, provided they fit firmly, which wasn't the case for the calendar I received. One of them kept falling off, which meant that everytime I moved the calendar (trying to find an ideal spot for it on my desk), the calendar fell over. I'd have preferred it if it had a desktop stand like photo frames do.

Also, I found the wheels were a bit hard to turn, but I guess that just because of the newness.

Overall, I found it to be adequate, but nothing spectacular.

However, if you hate wasting money and trees on calendars, then Perpetual calendars are just the ticket.

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2 People said

  1. How do you write your things to do on the calendar? (Since you are supposed to use it again, I assume there must be someway to make it not permanent.)

  2. You would think so, right? But not this calendar.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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