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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

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Having come off of the spectacular turbulent highs of "Firefly Lane" by this same author, I admit I found this novel to be a bit of a wash-out. The complex female relationships that Hannah is so adept at capturing are here as well along with sibling rivalry, love triangles, father-daughter issues, self-image issues, racial prejudice, small town mentality, teenage romance and even a murder mystery to boot!

And yet....I can't quite put my finger on it. But True Colors lacked a certain somethings, a zing, a deeper connection, a quality that takes an ordinary story and turns into an unforgettable one. Perhaps it was the requisite happy ending - which I didn't find believable. Or the melodrama, which I felt  was too much to bear at times. It could also be the length of the book which at 400 pages was too long, in my opinion.

The one part of the novel that I felt was really powerful, even more than the racial overtones, was the one about the young boy who struggles to find his identity in a world where his dad stands accused of murder and who refuses time and again to let his son see him in jail. His words as detailed in the so-called assignment for his teacher in which he describes his innermost thoughts, frustrations and hopes, held me spellbound. That part got me teary-eyed, but not the rest.

The book is about 3 sisters but the majority of the book is devoted to the oldest and the youngest, with the middle one playing peacemaker most of the time. This didn't gel with me. I also felt that the father-daughter issues were never quite satisfactorily explained.

Whatever the reason, simply put, in my personal opinion True Colors is a good read but not a great one.

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4 People said

  1. Since you didn't feel True Colors wasn't the BEST, I clicked on the link to Firefly Lane, which sounds like something I would enjoy. I'll have to add it to my list. (which is growing longer everyday)

  2. My pleasure, Antonette. Not all books are of the same caliber, even if the author's the same.

  3. Oh man but I LOVED the drama in True Colors even if it was a bit over the top. I guess that's the theatre girl in me, though. I'm DEFINITELY going to have to check out "Firefly Lane" then.

  4. I LOVED This Book. It Left Me Wanting More. I Think This Is The Best Book I Have EVER Read. It Had Me Crying At One Page, And Smileing With Joy At Another Page.

    I Actually Wish The Book Would've Been Longer.
    And, I Really Wished That The End Would Be Told More In Detail. She Ended The Story So Quickly.

    But I Loved This Book. And Will Forever Have It In My Collection. <3


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