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Friday, February 20, 2009

Giant Pop-Out Shapes: A Pop-Out Surprise Book
By Amelia Powers
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Board book: 26 pages
Chronicle Books 
This sturdy interactive book, with impressive pop-out features, is sure to engage and entertain curious preschoolers. Simple clues in words and pictures allow children to guess what hides behind each flap. Then they open the flap to reveal a large pop-out surprise! Giant Pop-Out Shapes features a variety of shapes and familiar objects that share that shape, helping children learn to recognize these shapes in their world—an important early childhood skill. The pop-outs are simple and sturdy, making them well-suited to young children.

My Thoughts

If I had one book to teach my toddler all about shapes, it would be this one!

I LOVE it! And even Kiddo's grandfather loved it! Needless to say, my son is the happiest of all :)

I've been trying to teach my son shapes for some time now. While he's mastered the rudimentary shapes like triangle and circle, he just couldn't grasp diamond, heart, square etc. I tried cutting out pictures, even drawing them. But nothing worked. Until this book arrived!

The pop-ups were a definite hit and probably what helped my son memorize the shapes much faster than before. The examples used from daily life, such as a pizza slice for triangle, are something I'm incorporating in our daily life and have proved ideal to distract my son when he's fretful or crying. I go.. "oh, look! your tear look just like an oval!" And immediately my son stops crying as he ponders over that tiny bit of miraculousness! That wasn't the intent of this book, I know, but still...

My recommendation - BUY it, now!
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