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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Recovering Me, Discovering Joy / Uplifting Wisdom for Everyday Greatness
By Vivian Eisenecher
KTW Publishing
ISBN-10: 0981487157
Please join me in welcoming Vivian Eisenecher, author of Recovering Me, Discovering Joy. Her guest post here today is part of this book's virtual tour, courtesy Pump Up Your Book Promotion.

Eisenecher has been an inspirational speaker, mentor and writer since 1996. Using her experience, strength and hope, she is committed to helping educate and enlighten the general public about the puzzling aspects of the addiction/recovery process and the strong correlation between anxiety, depression and alcoholism.

Her other published works include articles for The Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Woman’s World, Viewpoint, and JUST FINE: Unmasking Depression and Anxiety Disorders (due out in 2009). You can visit Vivian Eisenecher's website at:

About the Book:

Recovering Me, Discovering Joy reveals how to recover (from any ailment or condition) not to normal but to a better normal. After numerous attempts at sobriety, stints in more than three rehabs, followed by repeated relapses, Vivian shares the “secret” that finally brought her lasting recovery and profoundly changed her life. In an effort to improve the success rate of recovery and quite possibly save lives, one of the book’s main goals is to raise awareness about the profound correlation between depression, social anxiety, and alcoholism. Vivian has struggled with these disorders and is in recovery from all three.  

In addition, Recovering Me, Discovering Joy is a remarkably honest book of creative non-fiction about the positive nature of life’s problems. It is about the journey to know oneself. With a sense of humor and an uplifting spirit of gratitude, Vivian suggests ways to live a more meaningful life. She offers a fresh look at enduring truths which we all tend to forget in our day-to-day fast-paced lives. By using stories from people in recovery, famous quotes and personal reflections, she re-establishes the importance of faith in the healing process. Her experience, strength and hope provide the reader with keys to living a richer, easier and happier life.

Guest Post:
Hope for the New Year By Vivian Eisenecher

The beginning of a new year always conjures up words like: a new beginning, renewal, a new start, out with the old and in with the new. That’s why I am delighted to be here at A Book Blogger’s Diary to offer my story of hope. I have conquered things in my life which were destroying me and sending me to an early grave.  Today, I have real joy, something I lacked all the way up to my mid-forties when I was forced to seek help or die.

In 1994, I had no hope. I was killing myself, destroying my family and didn’t care! My addiction was so sacred to me that I refused to give it up. For me, it was the ultimate lose, lose situation. Since my late teens, alcohol was my cure all. In my own twisted thinking, it was my only hope. Imagine that? It was the only thing that lifted me from my daily despair and at the same time relieved my social anxiety. You see, I suffered from dysthymia (a chronic, low-grade depression) and social anxiety, both of which I used alcohol to treat. I didn’t know at the time that there were better ways for me to cope with my hopelessness and debilitating anxiety. These disorders were too much for me to handle on my own. I needed alcohol’s relief and it soothed me whenever I reached for it.

I didn’t even realize that I was using alcohol to treat these two disorders because they were never officially diagnosed. All I knew is that alcohol made me feel better (normal) and it made me feel good. Crazy as it seems, I didn’t like the way I felt when I was sober. That’s why I drank! Without alcohol, I fell back into my genetic default state of chronic low-grade depression.

How could I know that I was depressed when I had never known true joy? How could I tell some one that what I was feeling wasn’t “right” when I didn’t know what “right” was? With social anxiety, I thought that I was just truly weird. I hoped against hope that I would grow out of it or that it was just a phase. Why would I want to admit to anyone that I was afraid of “people?” And so I learned to cope by drinking alcohol. But what I found was that the more I drank the more I needed. Alcohol eventually became my god and consumed my life. It ate up everything I cherished and spit it back in my face.

Today’s medical professionals agree that there is a strong link between not only anxiety and depression but also between anxiety, depression and substance abuse. What the experts thought was helping my battle with alcoholism was actually treating the underbelly of the beast making it much easier for me not to revert to alcohol.

To those unfamiliar with addiction, some of this must sound like an addict making excuses. I’m not making excuses. I am an alcoholic and I will always be one. My aim in Recovering Me, Discovering Joy is to raise awareness regarding the strong correlation between anxiety, depression and chemical dependency. Had my social phobia and dysthymia been diagnosed sooner, it would have saved me and my family years of heartbreak and anguish.

And so today, I have a tremendous amount of hope not only for me but for the people who I will be able to help with my message. I am proud to be a professional speaker—a remarkable achievement on its own for a social phob. I am excited about being able to communicate my experience, strength and hope so that others might benefit from my incredible journey.

Thank you for that wonderful post, Vivian! Readers, please don't hesitate to leave comments for the author and her insightful book.

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