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Monday, January 12, 2009

Amazing Grays
Maggie Rose Crane
ISBN-10: 0966087496
FTA Press
Today A Book Blogger's Diary is a stop on the virtual blog tour of Amazing Grays – A Woman’s Guide to Making the Next 50 the BEST 50 (Regardless of your hair color!) by author Maggie Crane, courtesy Pump Up Your Book Promotion.

About This Book: Balanced somewhere between a memoir and a how-to, Amazing Grays is a uniquely refreshing and candid look at midlife for those unwilling to become feeble old women with boobs in their laps, dreams on the shelf, and Memory Lane their only destination. As a leading edge boomer, Maggie uses her own journey through midlife to shatter stereotypes about aging.

At the core of her message, she exposes the fears and anxieties that often haunt maturing women and reveals how to mindfully navigate the turbulence with wisdom, perspective and practice. She encourages women to relish their roles as Amazing Grays and not waste time and energy trying to hang on to the past.

A Code You Can Live By
Adapted from the Book
      As we age and move into new possibilities, it’s important to know what you value – now.

      Some people know exactly what they want. Following their bliss is relatively easy because they have a well-developed sense of purpose and direction. It’s like they somehow got a sneak peak at the roadmap of their journey – something the rest of us missed out on! Lacking this innate direction, most of us make our way forward in life relying on two basic, but often unconscious, tools of navigation: our values and our intentions.

       We all live our lives rooted in a sense of personal values. It’s just that most of the time, they haven’t been consciously chosen and are simply a result of our conditioning. Many of us put our lives on cruise control until we come to a crossroads that requires us to wake up, choose a direction and grab hold of the steering wheel.

      Approaching midlife could well be one of those crossroads. As we stand ready to open the door to the rest of our life, we have a choice. We can move forward on autopilot, dutifully carrying the past into the future, or we can assess our life to be sure every step aligns with the things we value and intend for our life now.

      Values are the aspects of life that you hold in high esteem; they are overarching principles that represent or reflect the things that are desirable, useful and important to us, or that bring meaning into our lives. Examples include:

            Kindness   Reflection  Fitness

            Fun    Authenticity Non-violence

            Awareness   Solitude  Silence

            Respect   Compassion Adventure

            Connection   Mindfulness Honesty

            Purposeful work  Service  Freedom

            Introspection   Simplicity   Sustainability

      And the list goes on. Everyone follows their own code of values; they are intensely personal and they influence our decisions and determine our actions.

      For most of us, our values evolve over time. What you value at age 25 are not necessarily the same things you hold dear at 50. Perhaps white-knuckle adventure is not as important to you as it once was, yet you still go on advanced rafting trips instead of kayaking in the streams. You’ve come to appreciate solitude and stillness, but your life hasn’t quite caught up yet. Or maybe you deeply value creativity and independence, but you’re still maintaining someone else’s books instead of building the business of your dreams. Getting in touch with your values can help you realign your life in ways that are both inspiring and deeply rewarding. When you are clear about the code you live by, every decision comes easier.

      In order to create a fresh start, it’s essential to uncover what’s important to you now. Brainstorm a list of ten or more values you wish to live by. Remember, your values may evolve over time, so be sure your list reflects where you are at this stage of life. Then distill your list down to the five core values that you consciously choose to guide you going forward. Where might your life be reflecting old values that no longer nourish you? How can you change that?

      As I worked on my own list of values, it occurred to me that I never once thought to write down attractiveness, pleasing others, or looking younger. Interesting.


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