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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

PhotobucketI've always been a bookworm. It was so natural for me that I never gave it a second thought. And since becoming a parent, I've been happy at the thought of sharing this wonder of losing oneself in a well-written story with my child. But as any parent will tell you, that's not always an easy task. With TV, Wii, Xbox, Internet and countless other more attractive distractions (and not to mention peer pressure), it's getting more and more difficult to get children interested in reading these days, no matter what the age. But according to the 2008 Kids and Family Reading Report by Yankelovich and Scholastic, despite 80% of parents wanting their kids to read for fun, most kids claim there aren’t enough really good books for their age group.

To address this very challenge, author James Patterson has recently launched a new website,, in order to give kids of all ages access to truly great books. Whether you are still enjoying picture books with your baby or have an older child reading at an advanced level, ReadKiddoRead acts as a resource for finding the best books. Each featured book, hand-selected by Patterson, includes a synopsis, related themes, quotes from critics, links to find the book in any number of locations (including local libraries), and even similar suggested reads.

In addition, the website provides resources for finding book discounts and promotions, features interviews and contributions from authors and celebrities, and even allows members to connect with each other via a Ning community. Providing kids with a love of and appreciation for books gives them something that will remain with them throughout their lives, and this resource helps make that possible. Plus, if anyone can get even the most reluctant readers interested in great stories, it’s James Patterson. You can find more about this from Patterson himself - here.

Having visited the site, I can honestly state that there's a great many recommendations there that I'm eager to try out for my child. So, if whether you're just looking for a great new book for your child or trying to find something similar to a favorite read, just check out ReadKiddoRead.

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1 People said

  1. This is a struggle that I worry about - how do I get my child to read? I mean, my child is not even one yet but I really want to know how to get him to read!


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