Mrs. Claus Winners

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The lucky winners of my Mrs. Claus Explains It All book giveaway have been chosen via and notified! CONGRATULATIONS!

Thanks for participating and for all those interesting questions; enough to perhaps justify a second book in this series? Who knows?!

Due to some questions of privacy from previous winners, I'm no longer going to list the winner's emails here as I used to. And will only put up their names if they give permission. So, if you didn't receive an email from me, then unfortunately you were not the lucky winner.
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7 People said

  1. I find it a shame that you can't show the winners - it's not like you are showing their addresses. If you win that should mean you are willing to let others know - just my opinion.
    Congrats to whoever you are lol.

  2. Congrats to the winners!! I so understand about the email addresses. I usually don't type mine together and instead put spaces. But will you put the winners names down tho? Some times email not always get to where they are going so I always come back and rely on the blog to check on things.

    Sorry I missed. Feeling better so doing some catchng up!

  3. People have different opinions regarding this and believe me, I understand. I never saw anything wrong in putting up the name and emails, even if only partially. But some people have very strong feelings regarding this and after all, it's their identity in question, so I had to comply with their requests.

    Thanks for understanding!

  4. Yep I do understand. I'm glad to visit here and catching up on all that there's out there for me to read! Thanks, you have a great blog!


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