Nature Discovery In My Backyard - Review & Giveaway

Monday, November 24, 2008

Author:  Rebecca Mattano
Paperback: 16 pages
Publisher: The Little Environmentalists LLC; 1st edition (2008)
Synopsis: Children will use their senses to explore nature. They will smell, hear, feel, and see their way through their own backyard nature discovery. Each page offers a unique look into nature with colorful pictures that will challenge your children to find all that nature has to offer. In the back of the book parents and educators will find amazing tips for going on a nature discovery with their children and students anytime of the year! The Nature Notes in the back of the book provide exciting information about the plants and animals in our nature discovery. This book also links to the Model Early Learning Standards so educators can use this book a a teaching tool.
As a kid, the home I lived in had a huge backyard and an even bigger front garden. One of my earliest pleasures was to sit in the velvety grass and watch the butterflies and wonder at the shapes the clouds made. As I grew older, I began to climb trees and collecting the feathers of the various birds that flocked to our trees was a joyous activity. Nature was around me and I was in my element, enjoying it to the full. It's something I want for my own kids. But that's not easy these days what with the lure of Television and Xbox that hold the kids indoors. Which is why I was happy to accept when given an opportunity to review this book, which is something that seems to have come out of my own childhood!

Nature Discovery In My Backyard is the first book in a series of children's books by The Little Environmentalists, LLC. It's a book that educates adults and children alike about the wonders of nature. You don't have to go far - just into the backyard will do. With simple words and illustrative photographs, the author explains how children can use their sense of smell, sight, touch and hearing to explore the greenery around them and be enchanted with the marvels of nature that permeates every part of it. There's a surprise waiting to be discovered on a tree, in the air, under a log, everywhere you look.

To help parents and educators enhance their "green" lessons, the book offers tips on nature for every season of the year. Interesting educational facts on plants and animals are described in the back of the book. In My Backyard retails for $6.95 and is available online at the publisher's website and at Beyond the children's books, environment lessons continue online at their website with a nature discovery sheet and links to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instructor's Model Early Learning Standards which utilizes this book as a tool in the state's classrooms.

The Little Environmentalists proudly print their books on 100% recycled paper with 100% post consumer waste that is chlorine free and non-toxic toner.


The Prize

A copy of "Nature Discovery In My Backyard"

To Enter
  • Just leave a comment with your email address telling me : How you and your children find ways to experience nature?
  • Only comments containing both pieces of info (answer to the question asked and your email address) will be considered.
For Extra Entries

You may do one or all of the following. Each counts as one extra entry.
Please leave a NEW comment for each extra entry you do.
Deadline   Midnight CST of "December 8th".

Eligibility  US only.

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  • The Sponsor will take care of the actual mailing of the prize.
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16 People said

  1. We go the Botanical Garden
    michelejdaley at gmail dot com

  2. My children and I explore our back yard. We have two acres and it isn't all landscaped. We have wild blackberries, all manner of beautiful "weeds" and lots of wildlife, including insects, water birds and reptiles. We love to take pictures to preserve the nature forever.


    ceashark at aol dot com

  3. I use to play this game that we all went and picked out 3 different things and come back and told each other about it or what we could think up to say, it was really fun , my daughter would love this book.
    Lori Barnes

  4. We love to go outside and find leaves and make crafts with them thats how we enjoy nature!


  5. i try to experience nature with my nieces by taking them on walks and looking for bugs on the way. it is amazing how many different kinds there are!


  6. We recently moved to a house set way back from the road w/ tons of "nature" around us! We enjoy going on rambling walks through the fields around our house, watching the geese on the pond (in the summer), digging in the dirt, and just generally enjoying the nature in our backyard, we'd love to have this book!


  7. I enjoy taking the kids on little scavenger hunts. I make a list of things to find and they have so much fun. Its a great way for them to learn about nature by finding it. Thank you!
    judybrittle at aol dot com

  8. We have several odd pets which always put us close to nature.

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

  9. my kids and I love to go on walks together :)


  10. We do nature journals in the summer, go to the park, for walks, the beach, etc.

  11. I blogged

    My email is on my blog & in my profile.

  12. We have a nature center at a local park that we visit in the summer. Thanks for the chance,

  13. We take nature walks at our local forest preserve

  14. I am a subscriber

  15. We garden and read lots of books about nature!

    kelli at pfrog dot net

  16. We have a large back yard with squirrels, birds, and bugs to look at. We catch frogs and bugs to briefly observe, and then release.



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