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Review - The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

The Lucky One
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (September 30, 2008)


Logan Thibault has been walking a long way from Colorado with no one for company but his faithful German Shepherd. His destination - a vague location based on a photograph he found while serving in Iraq. A photograph that's proved to be a lucky talisman and kept him alive through many dangerous encounters. The photograph of a lovely young woman.

Why he's compelled to find her, even Logan doesn't know. But find her he must. What happens if or when he does makes for an interesting and romantic story.


Nicholas Sparks is a very well known author, with a penchant for writing beautiful romantic stories. This one is no exception. While I didn't find it very powerful or unforgettable, it's still interesting to read how fate conspires to bring two very different people together.

There is a bit of the "love at first sight" kind of thing going on that I'm generally skeptical of. It then takes an upturn and the major part of the story is devoted to developing this romance (this is an enjoyable tender phase), with some hiccups along the way thanks to an obsessive ex.


I'd have liked it much more if not for these things.

One, it was overall very very predictable. Two, the extremely dramatic and over-the-top ending left me feeling that Sparks was writing this book more from a Hollywood point of view than that of reality. Three, the characters are just too cliched. The beautiful single Mom. The handsome, chivalrous ex-solider. The feisty grandmother. The villainous ex. The precocious young child. They're just too perfect in their own ways to be real.

In Short

I must say that despite its flaws, this book made for some pleasant reading. So don't pick it up expecting something earth-shaking (unless you're a Sparks fan, in which case my words won't matter to you). But if you pick it up looking for a light read with a dash of mystery, a splash of action and some tender romance, then you're in for a treat. I wouldn't classify this book as a tear-jerker, but emotional readers might want to keep a tissue or two handy.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your honest review on The Lucky One. I've had this book on my wish list since i saw it was coming out. Can't wait to get a copy of it. I saw the movie Nights in Rodanthe last night it was really good!

  2. Thank you, photoquest. I see that NIR got a lot of not so positive reviews in the book form. But everyone's praising the movie. What do you think made the difference?

  3. I'm looking forward to "The Lucky One." I usually find his books to be predictable, but that's okay. Sparks always comes through with a light, enjoyable read!


  4. That's certainly true of this one, Anna. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Not sure...Richard Gere? lol no seriously I enjoyed the book also but i think being able to see the location both all the actors and actresses in the movie were wonderful and not wanting to give away any spoilers for any one that hasn't saw it but the horses at the end which no one watching the movie will understand untill they watched it how moving that was.

  6. lots of similarity between "the lucky one" and "the guardian".. good reading overall, but definitely not the best from Nicolas Sparks

  7. I love his novels, and have read all of them. However, I was dissapointed with the lucky one. Story line is predictable and lame. Characters are very similar to his other novels..
    I think it's time for Nicholas to branch out his writings...

  8. Just read The Lucky One and while I liked it, I certainly dont see it as his best... Story is very predictable.. Still, its Nicholas Sparks and he is awesome... If you are a fan, then you will enjoy....

  9. i recently read the lucky one. although the book was predictable to a certain extent i throughly enjoyed reading it.. all in all it is a nice 'feel good' book.

  10. I just got the book, I am ecstatic to begin to read it. I am sure it will be amazing.

  11. i'm just finished it last minutes ago and totally agree with your review. though i'm a really big fan of sparks but after ending this book dissapointed is the best word maybe it's beacuase i'm really expecting it to be great at the first place.

  12. i love all of his books but nights in rodanthe seemed a little boring up until the end. i also did see the movie and liked it alot better. as for books like dear john though the book is way better than the movie.

  13. I absolutely loved reading the lucky one. I couldn't put it down and wish it never ended.I fell in love with the character Logan Thibault. I just finished it last night and am reading it again!


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