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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm delighted to present author Marie Force as today's guest blogger.

Marie Force has been an editor and writer for more than 20 years.

Line of Scrimmage” is her first novel. Her second book, “Same Time Sunday”, a spring 2009 release, is the story of a Baltimore prosecutor set to begin the murder trial of his career and a hairstylist with a dysfunctional family who meet in the airport on their way to visit their significant others. After they each endure a disastrous weekend, they meet up again on the flight home, striking up an unlikely friendship that leads to love.


Football Wins Me Over
By: Marie Force

As I write this, all of New England is holding its breath as we wait to hear if the news trickling out of Foxboro, Massachusetts is true—New England Patriots’ Quarterback Tom Brady has suffered a season-ending knee injury. If the thought of it is enough to make me sick, my brother will need to be sedated until early February. It’s so unfair that this happened in the first quarter of the first game of my second season as an official football fan.

Yes, you read that right. My second season. I’m new to football. That’s been my dirty little secret as I promote “Line of Scrimmage.” I shouldn’t be surprised because this sort of thing has been a pattern in my life. I fooled around with my friend Dawn and passed notes in high school Spanish class and then ended up living for three years in... You guessed it! Spain! I mocked and disdained football to anyone who would listen and then wrote a book about a football player that became my debut novel. Are you seeing a pattern here? Clearly, I need to stop passing notes and talking trash because fate has her eye on me!

So how can someone who wasn’t a fan of the game write a book that features a football player hero? Well, it went something like this: the Muse brought me Ryan Sanderson—every inch the NFL quarterback—and he refused to be remade into a baseball player, which would’ve been a lot easier for me as a lifelong baseball fan. Ryan taught me that sometimes the characters really are in charge. Once I realized he was going to force me to confront my indifference to football, I started watching games and asking questions during the 2006 season. But I wasn’t a true fan until the 2007 season, when my local team went on a 16-straight-game winning tear that caught the attention of even the most hardened anti-football person: me.

I’ll admit it. I was sucked in. I watched just about every minute of that historic run, and as the weeks unfolded, I became a full-fledged fan. Much of my interest focused on the Pat’s charismatic, dimple-chinned quarterback—a phenomenon by anyone’s standards, and if you’ve seen his ad for Stetson, well, let’s just say yum. I’ll also confess that Tom Brady and his historic tenure with the Pats lent some inspiration to Ryan’s character. Their careers share some parallels: three Super Bowl victories in five years, a smart, savvy approach to the game, awe-inspiring talent, and legions of female fans. Off the field, however, the two men have little in common. A good old boy from Texas, Ryan married his college girlfriend just two weeks after he graduated from the University of Florida. California-born Tom has had well publicized romances with an actress who bore him a son after they broke up and a supermodel known for her work with Victoria’s Secret.

In the opening chapter of “Line of Scrimmage,” we learn Ryan has been badly injured in the Super Bowl. Prior to that, his worst injury was a torn ACL in his knee. I’m swallowing a huge lump in my throat because reports are circulating that Tom suffered the same injury today. While New England hopes for the best and fears the worst, my friend Julie pointed out that if Tom is out for the season he might have time to read a new book about an NFL quarterback who mounts the Hail Mary play of a lifetime to stop a divorce he never wanted. I wish Tom a speedy recovery—for his sake, his team’s sake, and my brother’s sake. He has a business to run and can’t be sedated until February.

What do you think of sports heroes? Do you try to figure out who they’re based on? If you’ve already read “Line of Scrimmage,” did you see Tom in Ryan? I’ll offer a signed copy of “Line of Scrimmage” to one lucky commenter, so tell me what you think!


I'll let this giveaway run for the usual 2 week-period. So you have until midnight CST of September 25th to enter this giveaway as Marie specifies above.

One comment per person. US & Canada only.

Good luck!

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13 People said

  1. I haven't read any books with a sports hero, to tell the truth, but knowing that this hero is based on Tom Brady, I want to read it! yes' I am a New Englander (about 25 miles outside Boston, to be exact) so I am in the heart of Tom Brady country and I, along with everyone else here, am holding my breath about his recovery and return next year. He is the reason I became such a big fan of the Patriots. I still remember the way he stepped in for Drew Bledsoe when he got hurt and then won the Super Bowl. Here's hoping Matt Cassel similar luck.

  2. Margay,
    I agree, let's hope Tom makes a speedy recovery and can come back next year better than ever. And if Gisselle is looking for a book to read to him while he recovers, I know just the one! :-)

  3. RebekahC ( 12, 2008 at 10:59 AM

    I'm thinking, but no books with sports heroes comes to mind right now. So, I'm guessing I probably haven't read any. That said, however, even if I had I doubt I would be guestimating who, if anyone, the character was based on because I simply wouldn't have a clue. I'm an only child, and my parent were never in to sports much. My husband comes from a similar background, so he too doesn't get in to watching sports like most guys do.

    I do think both of Marie's books sound like a great, fun read though. So, if I'm lucky enough to win I'll be able to, sooner rather than later, add a sports hero book to my list of those conquered. LOL Otherwise, I'll be adding her to my TBR list. :)

    littleminx at cox dot net

  4. Thanks for adding me to your TBR list, Rebekah!

  5. To be honest I don't think to much of real life sports heros, most of them always does something that disappoints you or lets you down. I have read some books about sports heros, but it was many years ago, and I don't remember much about them now. So it would be hard to compare them.

  6. Hi Marie,

    I see you're at another fav site of mine, show showing my support (get it, lol) I know not that funny, lol.

    I love to read about sports heros, but hockey is my fav sprot and not too many books about them so Marie, maybe that could be your next book. ;)

    I've recently won my very own copy and hope to read it very soon. Good luck to the rest of you.


  7. Hello, I have read a few non-fiction books about sports players. I don't mind sports heroes in books, I'm hoping to have this book be my first to read! Please enter me in your drwing. Thanks, Cindi

  8. I really don't look for sports heroes in books but I love to read and this sounds very interesting. Please enter me in this contest. Thank you!

  9. love it, anything with sportsn and hot guys lol. great cover.

  10. I love football, and I enjoy reading books that feature athletes. Susan Elizabeth Phillips has written some wonderful books about football players. Your book Line of Scrimmage sounds really good, too. I do see some parallels in Tom Brady and your character Ryan.

    Congrats on your first novel. I think it will be a winner. I would like to be a winner, too, so please enter me in your contest. :-)


  11. i thought books and sports didn't go together.. and then, i changed my mind when i read Rebound rules by college basketball coach, Rick Pitino. I just finished that book and was looking for another sports related book.. i am soo glad i found this giveaway!
    i haven't yet read "line of scrimmage" but i would totally love to read it.. i must add the fact that i am an avid NFL watcher.. i watch practically every game that's on TV and NFL is my second favorite passtime..reading is of course the first!!
    marie, this book looks great! i think it'll be a definite hit!! good luck to you!!:)

  12. oops.. i forgot to mention.. please please enter me for the giveaway!! i would love to read this book..

  13. I enjoy books with sports heroes. The first I read was See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson.


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