Book Review - Vampyres of Hollywood

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Vampyres of Hollywood
Author: Adrienne Barbeau, Michael Scott
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books (July 8, 2008)


When one by one film stars start getting killed in an unusual manner, terror grips Hollywood. Lead investigator Peter King is born and bred Hollywood and well-versed in it's lore, it's history, and it's major players. Some nifty detecting soon leads him to the conclusion that all murders are somehow connected to horror queen, Ovsanna Moore. What Peter doesn't know is that Ovsanna isn't just a B Movie star, but rather a vampire. And not just any ordinary vampire, but the Queen of them all - the Châtelaine of Hollywood.

To protect her secret, Ovsanna is ready to do anything, even conduct her own investigation and woe betide the dogged human detective who steps in her (fang-ish) way.


It's fun, it's hilarious and overflowing with gore - in short, Vampyres of Hollywood has all the hallmarks of a successful paranormal / vampire story.

Like all vampire stories, here again the authors have defined their own set of rules (or non-rules as they turn out to be) for their Vampire characters including an elaborate history, hierarchy, breeds etc. This often leads to lengthy, repetitive explanations which I felt could have been shortened or edited out. But the plotting is intricate and not only leads the characters through the studios and environs of Hollywood and beyond, but in the process, the authors also manage to cram in plenty of Movie Trivia and also put their own vampire-ish stamp on some of history's legendary characters.

Btw, Film, television and Broadway star Adrienne Barbeau and New York Times bestselling author Michael Scott have teamed up to deliver this sexy, scary, and deliciously clever novel full of Hollywood glamour, behind-the-scenes secrets, and the truly bloodthirsty reality of Tinseltown. So, they know what they're talking about. 

Still, I confess I don't know half the golden oldies film stars mentioned, which made me skip paragraphs as I had no interest in them - they were just names to me. But Movie buffs will surely enjoy this insider's view point of Hollywood and its leading stars, even with the vampire twist. The chapters are told from alternating viewpoints of Peter and Ovsanna and I liked how the characters are not above poking fun at themselves. Curiosity more than suspense kept me turning the pages and while I didn't exactly like the Agatha Christie like revelation of the villain, I did like the kick-ass action sequence that erupts towards the end. I won't tell you how exactly it ended, but it was serious yet funny!

In Short

Despite its shortcomings, I quite liked this story.

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