Book Review - Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Show No Mercy
Author: Cindy Gerard
Publisher: Pocket (September 23, 2008)
The first in Gerard's new  Black Ops Inc. Series,  Show No Mercy takes readers on a breathtakingly fast and furious action-packed adventure from the scorching heat of Africa to coolness of Wyoming and from there on into the Argentina where deadly peril awaits the men of BOI and one courageous woman.

Soldiers turned businessmen for hire, the BOIs are in Buenos Aires to provide security detail for an American businessman, Emilio Maxim. At the same time, reporter Jenna McMillan arrives to interview Maxim. By a strange coincidence, they all get caught up in an assassination attempt on Maxim. Rescued in the nick of time, Jenna is furious at being carted away by the BOIs, particularly their field leader Gabriel Jones, with whom she's had a previous encounter.

Something happened during that time in the past that has changed them all and left Jenna and Gabe at each other's throats. Add to that an undeniable sexual heat, and you've got zingers all over the place and not just the bullet-kind. When they realize who the real target of the assassination was, Gabe and Jenna must join forces together and solve the riddle before more people around them get killed.

Gerard is in her element crafting a military themed romantic suspense. Since this is the first book in a new series, lots of pages are devoted to establishing the backgrounds - of the men of BOI, Jenna, other key side characters, their mutual histories etc. Amid copious details of weaponry and warfare, Gerard spins a tale of a romance gone bad, second chances, torture and retribution. Everything from human experimentation to child pornography is touched upon against a background of steamy hot jungles and cities of South America.

Using flashbacks, the tumultuous relationship between Gabe and Jenna is established and used to create the maximum impact, tension-wise. Even while constantly on the run for their lives and battling enemies left and right, they manage to form a new and tentative relationship. But there's no saying it will survive the hardships ahead of them and that, in fact, is another part of the multi-faceted suspense. There is action galore and this combined with romance and suspense makes for a deadly and effective trio.

In Short
I liked this well-written story and while it's a tad bit more action-packed than I'm usually fond of, I have to say it was a welcome and thrilling change of pace.

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2 People said

  1. I'm not into action packed books, but this does sound like an interesting read!

  2. Yes, this one's very action-oriented.


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