Book Review and Giveaway - Immortals: The Crossing by Joy Nash

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It is this blog's pleasure to participate in Author Joy Nash's 50 Days 50 Books Giveaway to promote her latest thrilling book, Immortals: The Crossing.

The Crossing
Author: Joy Nash
Mass Market Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Love Spell (September 30, 2008)


USA Today Bestselling Author Joy Nash returns with another installment in Dorchester Publishing's Nationally Bestselling multi-author series, IMMORTALS.

Demigod Manannán mac Lir (Mac) is on the trail of Artemis Black, a stunningly dangerous woman who's inexplicably able to intertwine life magic with death magic. For the safety of his people, he should destroy the desperate witch—once he learns her darkest secrets.

Readers of paranormal romance and urban fantasy will enjoy this adventure filled with black magic, nasty demons, hot immortals, dark humor, steamy sex, and a heart-thumping descent into a modern version of Dante's Hell. Available September 30. 2008.


I'll be honest with you. This is the first book of this series I've read (yeah, I know I know - how could I have missed the others?!!) and as such I didn't have any preconceived expectations of it. Which is why I was shocked to discover how much I liked it! In fact, given the twist the story takes towards the second half and how it all goes to Hell - I have to say it was one of best paranormal stories I've read in recent times.

The romance, initially, felt a bit hurried, but the rapid pace of the plot is such that everybody gets carried away, including the protagonists. They actually start off as antagonists, but love conquers all along the way. What I loved more than the suspenseful beginning is the more than thrilling, terrifying and terrific end. I won't reveal surprises, but it's to be read to be believed. One thing - I'll never look at a shopping mall again the same way again. And Nash does an impressive job of writing it. Another thing commendable is that although this book is part of a series, it can be easily read as a stand-alone.

And now for the Giveaway.

One lucky reader will get a copy of this exciting book.
This giveaway is OPEN WORLDWIDE!!

How to Enter:

It's simple. There's a host of links below in the "Extra Extra" section, including links to an excerpt, book trailer, series website and more. Get an idea of what this book and this series is about. Then come back to this post and leave a thoughtful question for the author to answer! That's all.

Giveaway ends midnight CST of August 19th August 20th. -->I'm changing the deadline to match what's been posted on Joy's site. So feel free to enter until midnight tonight. Good luck!

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Extra Extra!

Read an Excerpt at the Author's site.

View the Book Trailer - here

Immortals-series website

Immortals Myspace

Immortals on Dorchester website

Take the IMMORTALS QUIZ:  Which Immortal is your Soul Mate?

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30 People said



  2. Let's see...

    "In what way do you relate to Artemis or Mac? How so and why? If you were in their position, what would you do?"

    ~Diana Dang

    faked_sugartone at

  3. Hi Joy,

    I love to read Paranormals. How do you balance all you do? Also, do you use your skills as an architect for ideas for your books?

    Thank you, Dina

  4. How did you come up with the idea for the character Mac? He sounds great. Loved the excerpt. Thanks!

  5. Hello! What is your degree in and what is your graduate degree in that you are currently working towards? Thanks, Cindi

  6. I've only just recently had a friend recommend this series and so this is all new to me but the books sound great! My questions are, are your characters inspired by actual people in real life? And if so will you share them with us? And are you the only author in your family? Thanks for sharing with us and a huge congratulations to you on your book's upcoming release! ~April


  7. Did you write this about anyone in particular?

  8. Hi everyone! Thanks for your comments :-)

    Diana - I had a great time with Mac's character - there's just something very appealing about a guy who never loses his sense of humor no matter how bad things get. And things get pretty bad.

    Dina - when I figure out how I balance everything, I'll let you know! lol Honestly, sometimes my life is crazy, especially at deadlines. But it's fun, too. I think my architectural training helped me in my writing a lot, actually. I was trained in architecture school (in the days before computer graphics) to visualize spaces in three dimensions in my head. Now I visualize my characters moving through their scenes in my head.

    Anita - Mannanan Mac Lir, son of the sea god Lir, is an actual demigod in Celtic Mythology. Everything else I made up, but I tried to be true to mythological themes. For example, since I made Mac's mother a Sidhe, I made Mac a musician, since Sidhe are famous for their musical talents. Sidhe are also often fascinated by humans and human emotion, another of Mac's traits!

    Cindi - my undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch). I'm not currently in graduate school.

    Lady Vamp/Werewolf & CMartin - I don't normally model my characters after specific people in my life or in TV, movies, etc. I think all my characters are actually a little bit of myself.

    All the best,


  9. I've been loving this series. Joy, how did you like be part of a multia-author series, was it harder or easier? And, would you do it again for a different series?

  10. Hey, Rashmi, just letting you know I posted this at Win a Book. No need to enter me, but do say hi to Ms. Nash for me. I hope we're getting her new readers through her giveaway.

  11. I loved Mac's character from your previous Immortal book. The entire concept!

    Ever since I've read that book I've been wanting to delve into your others. I read in the Romantic Times that you write Celtic-based stories, which is a big love of mine.

    And the part you had in the book about the Celtic Pantheon made me laugh!

  12. Being part of a multi-author series was a wild ride. It was definitely a bit tougher than writing a book all alone in my own little magical world. Jennifer Ashley, Robin Popp and I did a lot of brainstorming about the Immortals world and characters before we started writing. Then when we were writing first drafts of the first Immortals, we had to check with each other to make sure we weren't contradicting what the other two authors were writing! But we pulled some amazing energy together among the three of us, and I think the results were worth it.

    I would definitely do another collaboration, especially one as cool as Immortals!

    I hope everyone who likes magic in historical settings will check out my Druids of Avalon series!


  13. When you decided to do a book trailer for this release, did you personally plan it out or did you have someone put it together for you? If you put the trailer together, how did you decide what visuals to go with?

    littleminx AT cox DOT net

  14. This Book looks like a book ,you start and don't let it down!Thanks for all you do for us Consumers!

  15. This book looks like a Great book for my oldest son.He Loves to read to relax.Thank You for this giveaway!
    Sammy Harvey

  16. I have really enjoyed the books in this series, and plan to check out the Druids of Avalon series next.

  17. So Joy, which Immortal is YOUR soulmate??


  18. Joy,

    On your blog this is today's Wed (8/20) contest but above it says it ends on 8/19 @ midnight. If I'm not too late pleas enter me.

    Thank you,
    Susan B.

  19. I was wondering how you go about deciding what your characters' names will be in your books?

  20. Sounds like a great book. I can't wait to read it.

    Rebekah E.

  21. Thoughtful question. Well I'm not too good at thoughtful Q's so I'll just ask Joy which Immortal would be her ideal

    murphy.dawn at gmail dot com

  22. Hello! Love the story line of your book. Why are the fairies a threat to some people and not others? Thanks, Cindi

  23. Rebekah - I'm not good with the techie video stuff. I wrote the copy and picked the pictures from a stock photo site, then left it to the pros to manipulate the pictures, add the music, and produce the finished product. I was really pleased with how it turned out.

    Blueviolet - For most names, I use ones from Celtic mythology, (and for my Druids series, Roman history for the Roman characters). For other names, I go to baby name sites and read through Scottish & Welsh names. With the Gaelic ones, I have to be careful not to pick ones that are entirely unpronounceable for us American types.

    WindyCindy - faeries (wee folk) are not generally a threat to anyone in the Immortals world. The Sidhe are another story. Some of them (like Mac's mother) don't think too highly of humans.

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!


  24. Joy,

    I became totally fascinated with the idea of immortals after becoming hooked on "The Highlander" series starring Adrian Paul. What led you to your fascination with immortals & where do you get your inspiration for the characters?

    Cheryl S.

  25. Enjoyed the Immortal series and definitely looking forward to 'The Crossing'.

    How do you develop your characters for your books? Do their names come first and then a personality to go with it or is the physical and traits of a character thought out and then a name picked to go with it? Is the hero done first and then a mate to complement him or is it the other way around?

    Shari C

  26. I read all 4 books from the first series. I actually the 4th book first and was so hooked that I had to find the other 3 and read them too. I don't quite get how all 3 of the authors could write in snyc with each other's stories. Kudos ladies I loved all and am so excited to read the next 4.
    Joy- will there be a demon in these 4 books as powerful Amadja or Khekshut or whatever his actual name is? Will there be the babies of the Immortals be in any of these books? Will there be more about Mac's home world in this book?
    Thanks, Jeanette

  27. Hi Joy,

    are there more Immortal books planned?


  28. OOH! I would love to win a copy of the Immortals. Thanks for the opportunity.

  29. I'd like to take you back to the very beginning....Where and when did you have the very first thoughts of this series?
    And as a follow up, What was your very first line-initial/draft version of first book in series-did it change?

    Hope to win!

    llm (at)aol (dot) com

  30. Ms Nash
    I enjoy reading your books. When you have the time to read, what author do you enjoy reading? What was the first type of book you read? Thanks for your time