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Monday, July 28, 2008

Originally posted @ A Bookworm's Diary

One of the most frequent questions I get from my readers is "How do you make that sticky post?" I've explained this many times via email. So today, I finally decided to make a blog post out of it. Hopefully many of you who wonder but hesitate to ask, will also benefit from this.

What I'm about to explain below is for Blogger blogs only. If you're using some other blogging platform (like Wordpress, Typepad etc) then please check your individual platform's help or FAQ section to find out how to achieve the same for your blog.

Q: What is a STICKY POST?

It's a post that's stuck or pinned to the top of a blog or a forum. Let me explain.

Generally the way Blogger (or any other type of blog platform, I'm assuming) shows blog posts is in descending order of dates. So, a post dated say August 12, 2008 will show on top of a post dated July 24, 2008.

So you can also call a post-dated post as a Sticky Post.

Q: What's the Advantage of using a Sticky Post?

A blog owner can make posts that are important or of ongoing value to reader as sticky posts. That way it sticks to the first page or top of the blog where it gets the most visibility. Newer posts will not bury it or remove it from focus.

I use it to keep my giveaway posts on the first page of the blog where most visitors see them. Experience has shown that those posts which drop to the bottom of the page or off of the first page entirely, are seen by fewer visitors by comparison.

Q: How to Make a Sticky Post?

The easiest way to keep a specific blog post on top of all the other posts, is to change it's date of posting. You don't need a time machine to go and post in the future. This is what you do instead:

 1 -  If you have already posted a blog post which you now want to make a sticky post, then skip to step 2.

       Otherwise, just create your blog post as usual. Click "Publish Post". Don't try to change the date of the post at this point.
 2 -  Go to "Edit Posts". Click Edit for the post you want to make as a sticky post.

 3 -  At the bottom of the edit screen, to the left of "Labels for this Post", you'll see the "Post Options" link. Click that.

 4 -  You'll see the "Post Date and Time" option on the right side. There, just change the date and/or time to some future date of your convenience.

 5 -  Click "Publish Post".

 6 -  Now go visit your blog and you'll see your sticky post on the top. Any other posts you post from now on until the date and time of the Sticky Post, will appear below it.

That's it! Your Sticky Post is up there for all visitors to see.


Say you posted a post today or a month ago (or any time for that matter). You want to make it a sticky post and have it up on top of your blogger blog till 10 AM of August 20th. So follow the steps above to change the date to 8/20/08 and the time to 10:00 AM. And publish the post again. Any posts you make from now until 10 AM of August 20th will appear below this new sticky post of yours.


It's advisable to put a **This is a sticky post. Newer posts below** message at the very top part of your sticky post. Otherwise, Visitors who keep seeing the same post on top will assume the blog has not been updated and move on.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy Sticky Posting!
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  1. ok, whatever you say, self explained, i was thinking about yellow post it notes! lol

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  3. Good news! It's easier now. Create the Post. Go to Edit Post. Quick Edit. Check make this Post Sticky.

  4. It worked! Thanks so much, been trying to figure this out! xxsue

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  6. so that how it works, I thought that maybe some other script or html stuff. Thank u so much :)

  7. Thanks a lot it is a good guide, now to make a sticky post< is without a doubt simple with the help of your tips. Thank you

  8. Thanks for your article about how to create a sticky post on a Blogger site. It is easy to do and it worked.


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