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Friday, July 11, 2008

Here are Book News / Giveaways for this weekend. I'm always happy to promote books, authors and other book bloggers. So if you have something to share (news, reviews, giveaways etc), just let me know via the contact form (link above in the menu bar, above the header) or email me at abookblogger at gmail dot com with the details.

I'll be back on Monday with more (or earlier if I find something I must share :). Happy book-end!


1400064759From NY Daily Times American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld, which will be released just in time for the Republican National Convention, is a serious, if salacious, exploration of the psyche of the Bushes' marriage and sex life.

Thursday Giveaway: Grill Every Day Book and Apron

What's with all the Sherlock Holmes movies? asks EW! Robert Downey Jr. is set to star in Sherlock Holmes, director Guy Ritchie's feature drama about the fictional detective. This latest incarnation of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle character is based on an upcoming comicbook from producer Lionel Wigram which portrays Holmes as less stuffy and more adventurous, using physical prowess along with intellect to solve mysteries. This, of course, comes just over a week after it got out that Sacha Baron Cohen is starring as Sherlock Holmes in a totally different upcoming movie. The movie would feature Cohen as the master detective and Ferrell as his assistant, Dr. Watson.

What the Bible says about Healthy Living Giveaway

800 CEO Read blog talks about Richard S. Gallagher's What to Say to a Porcupine, a book that contains twenty different tales all centering around customer service.

Upcoming Book Reviews & Another Giveaway @ Maw Blogs

Debra Harmel talks about Mary Poppins being a rare case of the movie being better than the book.

S. Krishna's Books is giving away A Page Out Of Life. talks about Allegra Stratton's "Muhajababes", how sex, booze and heavy metal fit into the world of hip young Arabs today.

Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom is recycling her bookshelf and giving away a copy of Witch on the Go: A Book of Spells to Take with You by Cal Garrison

The Book Publicity Blog talks about Do free ebooks increase book sales?

Round Deux - A Giveaway

*** Edited to ADD More Giveaways! ***
Dawn has reviewed and is giving away TWO copies of Tamar Yellin's The Genizah At The House Of Shepher. Originally published in hardcover in 2005, it is being re-released in paperback this fall. It's a great tale of mystery and history, covering 150 years and 4 generations. Beautiful flowing prose, not a quick thriller.

Bookshipper is having a fantastic Summer Reads giveaway! Go now and enter.

The Kool Aid Mom is giving away free book money!!! So, forget you ever read this, capice?!

*NEW* Author Guest Post : Jasmin Rosemberg (and a GIVEAWAY!)
Interview and Giveaway with Author Jean Holloway. Ends July 21.
Scholastic Summer Kit Giveaway. Ends July 15.

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