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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

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Guide  to Pirate Parenting
Author: Tim Bete
Paperback: 136 pages
Publisher: Cold Tree Press


If you're like most parents, you long to raise your children as pirates but  just don't know how. In "Guide to Pirate Parenting," Cap'n Billy "The Butcher"  MacDougall provides everything you need to know to turn your little powder  monkeys into happy, healthy buccaneers.

In Guide to Pirate Parenting you'll learn: . Ten benefits of raising a pirate  . At what age your child should be able to remove a bottle cap by taking out his  glass eye and using his eye socket as an opener . Which offense requires  administering The Flying Dutchman Wedgie . How to prevent sogging the  quartermaster . The best place to maroon your disobedient child . How to remove  chewing gum or a giant octopus from your child's hair . The difference between  plundering and pillaging . How to convert your minivan into a pirate schooner .  When to smack your teenager in the side of the head with an oar.

Each information-packed section ends with "Your pirate's progress," a short  quiz that shows whether your child is reaching his or her pirate development  milestones.


These days most of us rely on parenting books to get us through the day. Oft  times, these heavy tomes make a newbie parent feel inadequate or just overwhelm  them with a staggering amount of dos and don'ts. Well, relief is in sight!  Author Tim Bete has come up with a book that's a complete antidote to such  serious works. It throws a new light on parenting, a light-hearted light, that  is. The book, which purports to be a faithful representation of a conversation  between the author and Captain Billy, a modern-day pirate who fancies himself a  parenting guru and Dr. Phil combined, gives advice upon advice as to how to  bring up your child as an up-and-coming Jack Sparrow aka pirate.

Reading this tongue-in-cheek narrative will bring tears to your eyes....  tears of laughter, that is! The check list is a must-read and will surely be  cause of fresh mirth. It surely was in my household as I kept sharing choice  sentences, funnily re-worded nursery rhymes, to my hubby who soon gave up any  pretense of work as we smiled our way through this novel that reads more like a  fiction than a non-fiction. More than parenting tips, this hilarious book  provides tired, hassled parents with some much-needed and very welcome comic  relief.

In short

If you have a single serious parenting  book in your house, then its more than enough reason to have this book right  next to them. For the next time you feel like taking a break.
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  1. This sounds like a funny book - good for an "expectant Dad".






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