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Friday, July 18, 2008

Originally Posted at my other blog, A Bookworm's Diary!

PhotobucketEver since I was lucky enough to become a Mama, I've been re-discovering the joys of simple things that I'd taken for granted. The sight a sparrow chirping on the windowsill. A thunderstorm. The Moon floating in the night sky. When you see them through the wide eyes of a child, you can't help but appreciate them all over again!

It is that kind of innocent joy that Focus Friends, a Colarado-based company created by 2 Moms, seeks to spread and inspire with their new line of quality books and products for young children, ages 2 to 9, based on unique characters they call Focus Friends. Each Focus Friend character possesses the essence of a special gift or trait and shows children how to apply that quality to their lives.

Their debut title, Joy is the Greatest Gift, written by Marks and illustrated by award-winning artist Eris Klein, introduces the first Focus Friends character, Joyann, who shares with readers her gift of creating joy. I had an opportunity to review this book and had fun reading it out loud to my toddler who was very impressed with the colorful illustrations. He just looked the pictures and tried to repeat the rhyming words after me, but he's too young to appreciate its inherent message.

In a message meant for children (but applies equally well, if not more, to adults), Joyann talks of opening up the gift of joy and finding it everywhere. In beauty, in smiles, in nature, in family and friends and oh, in so many other things. One just has to look for joy in order to find it, for it's everywhere. And the best thing to do with joy is to spread it. There is even a Joy List that a child can fill out towards the end. I loved this message and I know from now on whenever I'm mad or blue, I'll think of this book and remember its missive. The book's positive message is one that I, as a parent, want to instill in my child and hence, will treasure this book always. I also have no hesitation in recommending it to other parents.


I'm giving away a copy of this book over at my other blog, A Bookworm's Diary!

It's really easy to enter and lots of ways to get extra entries. But remember, it's happening at my other blog, so please go there and enter. Entries will not accepted at this blog for this giveaway.

Deadline to enter is midnight CST on July 31, 2008. Good luck and (please) spread the word!

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