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Book Review - Mail Harry to the Moon

Mail Harry to the Moon
by Robie H. Harris (Author), Michael Emberley (Illustrator)
# Reading level: Ages 4-8
# Hardcover: 40 pages
# Publisher: Little, Brown Young Readers (June 1, 2008)


For parents expecting a second child or even thinking of having another kid, this book is a must-read. Must read for their older child or children, that is! But even the parents will get a kick out of reading this book that feels more like a fun comic than a book.

Mail Harry to the Moon is the story of a big brother upset over the noise and intrusion, chaos and confusion created by his new sibling, Harry. From taking a bite of his banana to sitting in his Grandma's lap, baby Harry is everywhere and in everything, taking up space and attention that was once only the irked and somewhat bereft older brother's.

With each successive antic of Harry's, the big brother gets more and more upset, until he finally roars 'Mail Harry to the Moon'. The next day, Harry is nowhere to be seen. And that's when the big brother realizes without Harry nothing is fun anymore. What happens next is at once fantastical, hilarious and touching.


This is one of the most fun children's books I've ever read! Robie Harris' simple words convey a wealth of emotions that perfect captures both Harry's innocence, and big brother's ire and later remorse. All with charming and irresistible humor. There's nothing preachy about this at all. In fact, since the entire thing is told from the big brother's point of view, readers are compelled to at first sympathize and later empathize with the older brother's feelings.

The words are perfectly complimented by Michael Emberley's drawings that remind me pleasurably of comic strips that were the only saving grace in a Sunday newspaper as far as my much younger self was concerned.

In Short

In a manner at once fun and easy, this book guides a growing family through the complex thoughts and emotions of children.

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Visit Robie H. Harris here.
Visit Michael Emberley here.
Visit the publisher, Little, Brown Young Readers here.

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  1. NOW you tell me AFTER 4 kids, 9 grand and 3 GREAT!! LOL

    wonder what they did that mine did not try? lol

  2. Lol, I have no idea. I'm learning as I go along :)


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