Book Review - Friday's Child

Monday, June 09, 2008

Friday's Child
Author: Georgette Heyer
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Lord Sherrington proposes to the acknowledged beauty of the season, Miss Isabella, who also happens to be his childhood friend. Realizing it to be stemming more from a desire to lay hands on the fortune left in trust for him until he marries than any true regard for her, a miffed Bella refuses him. Tempestuous Sherry storms off declaring he'll marry the first girl he sees and comes upon another childhood friend, seventeen-year old orphan, Miss Hero Wangate, who has long hero-worshipped him. With little thought to consequences, he elopes with her.

Expecting to continue his carefree bachelor life while his new wife entertains herself separately, Sherry is in for a rude shock as Hero shows an admirable inclination to get into one scrape after another. With the help of a trio of friends and a kleptomaniac servant, Sherry has to run to keep up with innocent Hero's antics that always end in trouble. Hilarity ensues until Hero gets in one too many mischief. What will happen to the young couple now?

In a previous post I mentioned how I loved reading Heyer's historical romances. In my diary, Georgette Heyer is second only to Jane Austen when it comes to penning romantic tales. It'd been a long while since I read a Heyer book and I'm so glad I (re-)started with Friday's Child. It is generally considered one of Heyer's best Regency romances, and was reportedly the favorite of the author herself.

The quick and clever dialogue-exchange is stellar and one of the best points of this novel. The romance comes after the marriage and the way Heyer set the stage, it seems all the more believable for it. The youth and immaturity of Sherry and Hero may excuse many of the scrapes they get into. Heyer ensures they grow with the story, and the crux of the story lies in their developing feelings for each other and how the events change and mature them. Side characters are many and Sherry's friends in particular are almost as intriguing as the leads themselves and perhaps even funnier. Riddled with funny misadventures and romantic ups and down, the plot twists and turns and ultimately paves the way to mutual love and understanding.

In Short
Sparkling with wit, filled to the brim with wonderfully developed characters and with Heyer's expert eye capturing the atmosphere with great accuracy, the book is a must-read for anyone who reads, period!

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2 People said

  1. isn't friday's child suppose to be full of grace? dang, i was born on a monday! lol

  2. Exactly. And Hero's the exact opposite. The author's clever play on words :)


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