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Sunday, June 15, 2008

As always, you've proven to be a great bunch of readers! Thanks to you, I have a bunch of book blogs to add to my reader, and I have to admit, there are some I hadn't heard of before.

Here are the recommended book links -

  1. Barbara Vey @ Publisher's Weekly
  2. J.Kaye Book Blog
  3. Dear Author
  4. Literary Feline
  5. Tez Says
  6. Caribou's Mom
  7. Relz Reivewz
  8. A Peek At My Bookshelf
  9. Ladies of Suspense
  10. Mainly Mystery Reviews
  11. Poe's Deadly Daughters
  12. My Readable Feast
  13. Naked Without Books
  14. Bookgasm
  15. Baby Got Books
  16. Lynnae’s Bookshelf
  17. Writers At Play
  18. The Friendly Book Nook
  19. Bitten By Books
  20. Judge a Book
  21. AusJenny
  22. Lori's Reading Corner
  23. Buzzwords
  24. She Reads Books
  25. My Book Therapy
  26. The Book Girl
If you don't see your recommendation here it's either because it wasn't a book blog (or a book blog link) or it was a link to a site with no content whatsoever. That's right, empty blogs with bookish titles (here I'm guessing you were duped by Google's results). I'm quite surprised no one included an individual author's blog and there are literally just tons of them!

Some like AusJenny, Dear Author, Barbara Vey, Bookgasm and others are ones I myself visit frequently. You must have seen my posts about them here. But there are others here that I visited for the first time after seeing them recommended here. I'd advise you check them all - some are really great! (prurient interest note - when I visited these, I found one which has a fully nude guy in one of their posts - full frontal view ;) Lol, I can imagine what hits Google sends me from this)

Now, onto the more interesting part! choose these two lucky readers as the winners.


mittens0831 @ a....
dlsmilad @ y...

Winners, send your full name and mailing address within the next 5 days in an email to "abookblogger AT gmail DOT com" and with the subject line "Baldacci Winner". You'll be receiving your books directly from the publisher*.

More giveaways are coming up, so subscribe to this blog and have all the latest news delivered direct to your inbox.

*Neither I nor the publisher is accountable for lost / damaged copies.
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3 People said

  1. Thank you, email on the way.
    Congrats to mittens0831 also.

    I have a lot of author blogs I visit regularly, but didn't think you wanted those, next time, I ask, lol.

  2. I'm still waiting for the other winner to reply, Dina.

    Re. author blogs - oh sure, if you need any clarification, don't hesitate to ask :)

    Linda - as gracious as ever, love ya!


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