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Monday, May 19, 2008

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Blog/Site - carp(e) libris
Book to win - Skunk by Justin Courter
Deadline - midnight EST, May 21
Conditions - Leave a comment about something you’re really hooked on. Blogging gets 1 extra entry. Subscribers are automatically entered into this and all future giveaways.
Comment - As always, a thoughtful review accompanies the giveaway. This time there;a candid confession as well. Kudos, Diane! I wouldn't have admitted it if I were you :)

Book Description
Employing a wild mix of tall tale, rich metaphor, and contemporary science fiction, this darkly hilarious novel explores a young man's attraction and ultimate addiction to skunk musk and the social difficulties he encounters as a result. He longs to find an isolated utopia where he can indulge his addiction in peace but is continually thwarted, even by a young woman with a unique understanding of his fetish because of her own fetid fetish for fish. Exaggerating the traits that attract and repel lovers, this extremely unlikely love story is comical but insightful into the mysteries of fetishes and sexual chemistry.

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2 People said

  1. oh this sounds sooooooo good that i'm laughing already as i can just imagine the two of them!! lol



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