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Thursday, May 29, 2008

There are so many big publishers out there, but not many are aware of some of the smaller ones. Today I want to introduce you to Abbeville Press, a NYC-based independent publisher of art and illustrated books as well as stationery and printed gift items.

As a publisher, Abbeville is well-established, celebrating their 30th anniversary last year. Their selection of books ranges from family, art, architecture, interior design, media, travel, nature, sports etc. They publish approximately 40 titles annually, with an active backlist of over 700 titles for an international readership. The company believes that publishing illustrated books is a distinct specialty, requiring exacting standards of editorial, design, and production savoir-faire.

Just in time for Father's Day, they're coming out with 2 new audiobooks The Expectant Father and The New Father. These essential guides come in a hands-free audio format to fit any parent's busy schedule. LISTEN Currently one can also receive a FREE copy of Father For Life with the purchase of any book by acclaimed author and parenting expert Armin Brott. Find out more about this special offer. Their recently released section has some children's books that I look forward to reviewing, including 123 Caterpillar, Animal Fables, etc while in the upcoming section I'm intrigued by Daughters of India, The Tea Drinker’s Handbook, Egyptian Wall Paintings and others. Their best-sellers include American Impressionism (Second Edition), Audubon’s Birds of America, 100 Classic Cocktails etc.

Abbeville publications have received numerous awards for intellectual and artistic achievement, such as The Vatican Frescoes of Michelangelo (Carey-Thomas Award, 1982), Nothing But the Blues (ASCAP, 1994), Empire (Prix Fondation Napoleon, 1996), The Power of Photography (selected by Choice magazine as one of its outstanding books of 1993), Rum by Dave Broom (Glenfiddich Food & Drink Awards 2004 Drink Book), and Curried Favors (Winner of the Julia Child First Book Award, 1997).

They've just launched a newly-renovated Abbeville website in February, and officially ventured into the publishing blogosphere with their blog The Abbeville Manual of Style as part of their attempt to reach out to readers with fresh, entertaining media content including podcasts and video. Although plenty of publishing blogs exist on the Web, The Abbeville Manual of Style occupies a niche all its own by covering the intersection of the art and publishing worlds. It spotlights company news, book info, publishing and arts events, and high-quality art and publishing websites. And as their first post explains, it tries to make the world a little more stylish in the process.

I'm pleased to tell you that this blog will be featured in one of their future Marginalia entries. If you haven't seen the blog yet, check it out. Marginalia is a feature on where they share sites they like, sites on their blogroll, etc.

Treat me to a Starbucks, so I can stay up late blogging my heart out!
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  1. Congrats that is cool. I will have to check the blog out

  2. Thanks, Cheryl!! It's an honor :)


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