Book Review - Bound To Love Her by Esri Rose

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bound To Love Her

Author: Esri Rose
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Zebra

When Erin Chandler takes her neighbor's dog for a late-night walk through the Colorado woods, she thinks she's prepared for anything--including mountain lions. The last thing Erin expects to encounter along the trail is an elf, not to mention an incredibly sexy one. Attacked by a rival who wants to steal his land and end his life, Galan of Longtail Rock is nearly dead when Erin saves him by somehow giving him her energy and creating a mysterious bond between them. Galan has no idea how to break their link without paying the ultimate price, but Erin doesn't mind the enforced closeness. She can't stop fantasizing what it would be like to kiss his beautiful mouth and feel those magical hands on her skin. Galan never thought a human would risk her life to help him fight a dark elf. The more danger he and Erin encounter, the more he feels Bound To Love Her.


Having gorged myself on a steady diet of romance novels, I’d unsurprisingly become somewhat jaded and had turned to other genres in recent times. It’d been a while since I read a romance but I’m glad I choose to return to one of my most favorite genres with Esri Rose’s debut novel, a delightful romance full of realistic characters and heart-tugging romance.

Central character Erin is a spirited young woman, loyal to her friends and those she loves and she struggles to the right thing even when it goes against her personal interests. She takes an aging neighbor’s dog for a walk and returns with an elf in tow, one who’s using her as his own personal life-force supply. On top of this, she goes and falls in love with said elf, albeit reluctantly. These things happen, not to us ordinary folks, but it did to Erin. And when it does, she takes the bull by the horns or rather the elves by the tips of their pointy ears and sets them on a course that’s revolutionary and even somewhat evolutionary to them. I liked her for her spunk, quick thinking and even her foolhardiness at times. In my book, she gets an A+ for sheer determination and selflessness.

Galan on the other hand, is a man (actually an elf) without purpose or hope. He’s already lost a mate and the land he’s bonded to and is on the verge of losing his life when Erin comes marching into his life, pepper spray in hand. To be dependant for his very life on a modern human woman who’s naturally reluctant to believe his story, pointy ears or not, is not something he’s accustomed to or even wants to. He’s even more reluctant to fall in love with her, knowing the parting that’s bound to come when he doesn’t age and she does and other factors. What he doesn’t realize is that compromise is a way of life for humans and Erin, in particular, is not one to give up. Like the readers, falling in love with her is inevitable for Galan.

Ah, but what about the villainous dark elf, Fellseth. Is he really the bad guy or is he just misunderstood? Here the author very cleverly creates confusion in the minds of both the readers and Erin. There are other elves as well in this story, but no one is more interesting than their impromptu leader, Kutara. Now this is one feisty side character I’d love to read more about. I love how this ancient being becomes techno-savvier by the page, until in the end she desires nothing more than a high-speed internet connection. Her antics and statements also made me smile a lot more than I ever expected while reading this novel.

Boulder, Colorado is where the story’s set and here the author is in her element, making the place come alive with its increasing urban development against a backdrop of untamed plains, rocks, rivers and mountains. Man versus nature and how man’s winning means a destruction that’s hurting other species as well as the humans themselves, is a somber running undercurrent to this novel.

In short

By turns light and serious, this debut novel with its mild sensuality, strong characterizations and an engrossing story had me enthralled and I’d love to read more from this promising author.

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