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Friday, May 16, 2008

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Book to win - Fossil Hunter by former biochemist, now full time author, John Olson

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Deadline - Midnight Friday 23rd May, 2008

Conditions - Post a comment and answer the question asked.

Eligibility - US & Canada only

Book Description
Fossil Hunter is an Indiana Jones-style thriller that explores the Intelligent Design controversy from the points of view of two field scientists working in the strife-torn countries of Iran and Pakistan. When paleontologist Dr. Katie James leads an expedition to search for an ancient whale fossil rumored to be in the Iraqi desert, she has no idea her archrival, Nick Murad, will be searching for the same fossil. But then Katie makes a ground-breaking discovery and is forced to collaborate with Nick to analyze the find before it's destroyed by a fundamentalist government faction. Nick and Katie's initial results fly in the face of current scientific theory, and it seems the whole world turns against them, including those they thought they could trust. Then the fossil disappears, sending Nick and Katie on a chase that could cost them their reputations, their careers--even their lives.

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1 People said

  1. now nick and katie sound just like my life although i had np fossils. lol due to my disability i lost every friend i had including a 22 year old friendship! i certainly want to read how fossil hunter ends!


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