Book Giveaway - The Bright Side of Disaster

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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Host Blog/Site - caribousmom
Book to win - The Bright Side of Disaster by Katherine Center
Deadline - May 23
Conditions - Leave a comment
Comment - 2 copies being given away, one autographed. Accompanies a thoughtful review of the book.

Book Description
Very pregnant and not quite married, Jenny Harris doesn’t mind that she and her live-in fiancé, Dean, accidentally started their family a little earlier than planned. But Dean is acting distant, and the night he runs out for cigarettes and doesn’t come back, he demotes himself from future husband to sperm donor. And the very next day, Jenny goes into labor.

In the months that follow, Jenny plunges into a life she never anticipated: single motherhood. At least with the sleep deprivation, sore boobs, and fits of crying (both hers and the baby’s), there’s not much time to dwell on her broken heart. And things are looking up: Jenny learns how to do everything one-handed, makes friends in a mommy group, and even gets to know a handsome, helpful neighbor. But Dean is never far from Jenny’s thoughts or, it turns out, her doorstep, and in the end she must choose between the old life she thought she wanted and the new life she’s been lucky to find.

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4 People said

  1. Thanks for featuring my book giveaway on your blog! I'll be posting later today and will mention your blog :)

  2. okay, most of us were lucky to never be n this position in the first, me coming from a dad that said if a guy "touched you" that you got pregnant! what he did not say was with his HANDS! LOL i slugged many a boy that way! lol

    no way would i take the creep back!


  3. Very interesting.... I am surely glad I didn't have to walk in her shoes.

  4. Sounds like another really good one. :>]

    aromagik at yahoo dot com



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