The Tea Rose Winner

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The first book giveaway at A Book Blogger's Diary has ended! I was very happy to see that there were 45 participants. Thanks for blogging and emailing me and sending me all those book recommendations. My already swollen To-Read list is now bursting at the seams :) Thanks also to the UK fan who posted even though he was ineligible. And sorry, late entrants... don't miss the deadline next time!

Thank you all for your participation. A new giveaway will start Next Week! But I'll continue to gather and post other Book Giveaways in the meantime, as always. So keep on visiting, entering and (hopefully) winning!

Are you dying of suspense yet? Lol

Here goes! The lucky winner as chosen by is :




If you're reading this, Katrina, email me at "abookblogger at gmail dot com" with your address in the next 2 days.

Thanks again, everybody, for making this a wonderful experience. Come back next week for another exciting giveaway. HINT : this time you may win books and something more !!!

Treat me to a Starbucks, so I can stay up late blogging my heart out!


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2 People said

  1. Congrats on such a great turnout! Just... you forgot to fix it so I won.

  2. Lol, I did, didn't I? Bad bad bookworm! Enter the next one which will be up next week and we'll see about some "fixing". But be sure to send some virtual butter over before (greasing palms etc) :))


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