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Friday, April 25, 2008

Bound To Love Her
Author: Esri Rose
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Zebra (May 6, 2008)

Book Description


When Erin Chandler takes her neighbor's dog for a late-night walk through the Colorado woods, armed with flashlight and pepper spray, she's prepared for anything-almost. The last thing Erin expects to encounter along the trail is an elf, not to mention an incredibly sexy one.


Attacked by a rival who wants to steal his land and end his life, Galan of Longtail Rock was nearly dead until Erin saved his life by giving him her energy, binding them to each other with mysterious force. Now Galan has no idea how to break their link without paying the ultimate price. But Erin doesn't mind sharing such close quarters with Galan. Ever since she's met him, she can't stop fantasizing what it would be like to feel his lingering kisses on her lips and his warm caresses grazing her skin. As Erin learns more about Galan and his intriguing world, she finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love with him.


Esri Rose lives in Boulder, Colorado, where elves could walk the streets without undue attention. Esri lives with her husband and her cat, one of whom has pointy ears. This is her first book.

Interesting, to say the least! But the contest isn't for a prize copy of this book. Rather, Esri Rose is ...

having a "Speech Bubble" contest! This is a weekly contest and there will be a winner each week. Winners of the weekly drawings will have their bubbles featured on the blog and will each receive a signed copy of Bound to Love Her and actual stickers to stick on it (including their own winning entry). Enter as many good ideas as you have. You can send entries until midnight of May 2nd. Go there and enter.

The grand-prize winner will receive…
  • A signed copy of Bound to Love Her and stickers as above,
  • A $30 gift certificate from e.l.f. cosmetics,
  • A CafePress T-shirt featuring
    a) the book cover with her/his winning speech bubble or
    b) a shirt which reads ElvesAmongUs.com at the top and What if elves lived among us? at the bottom.
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5 People said

  1. trying again. what WONDERFUL prizes! man do i ever want to win this time for sure over all the others!!


  2. Okay, I have a few ideas for this one and hopefully you don't mind my poking a little fun...
    "Darn, they didn't say anything about tattooing the book title on my chest." or "Why is it that to be a book cover model we guys usually have to shave our chest hair?" or "Hey! Someone dropped a penny." or "HMmm my shoes seemed to be untied."

  3. Good suggestions, Lady Vampire. Now go over to Esri's blog and enter there :)

    Linda - I totally agree.

    Good luck!

  4. Oh this sounds so unique!!! I shall plan to get this one. I love reading the debuts from the Zebra authors. I keep getting more and more favorite authors to read.


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