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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Scarface - Devil In Disguise
Joshua Jabcuga (Author), Alberto Dose (Illustrator)
Paperback: 104 pages
Publisher: IDW Publishing

Book Description

Before Tony Montana came to America, he cut his teeth as a young military assassin in Cuba, and rose up as a hustler in Havana. He knows the world is his, and he craves the American dream. But first, he's gotta get out from Castro-imposed solitary confinement. Add to this Molotov cocktail mix the CIA, La Cosa Nostra, and the scumbag who gave Montana his infamous scar. Make a deal with the devil... just know which devil you're dealing with first.

Want to win one of 3 autographed copies?

Then head on over to Bookgasm. The trade paperback collects all four issues of Jabcuga and artist Alberto Dose’s recent comic-book miniseries, which serves as a prequel to the cult film.

To be eligible to win, just answer this question: For which summer 2008 movie is Jabcuga currently scripting a tie-in comic, also to be released by IDW? Sleuth away and send your answer along with your name and mailing address to From all correct entries, the lucky winners will be picked at random and announced on the morning of Friday, March 7.


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