Julie A. Carda Book Giveaway

Monday, March 17, 2008

Author Julie A. Carda is giving away her first book--completely free--at her website. Why? As Julie says, she's a good writer who wants readers to become familiar with her name and her work. Makes sense, doesn't it? Julie has a paypal account set up so you can make a donation if you like what you read, but rest assured, the book is yours and no donation is required or expected. Check out her blog, too.

Here is a brief description of Portal to Peace, the free Pdf. book she's offering.

A traditionally trained Navajo shaman and a Swedish Special Air Services officer must physically and spiritually stretch beyond the self-imposed perimeters of their life choices while racing against the clock to rescue a missing test pilot. Conflicts abound as the heroine awakens to the realities of intimate love and physical desire for a man while the hero strives to overcome his aversion to all things spiritual and irrational. The powerful, alluring characters encounter visions of spirits, move through other dimensions, evade a naagloshii (an evil medicine worker in the Navajo culture) and enter the Scandinavian Seidr (an ancient shamanic practice based in Norse mythology).

Go there, download this book, spread the word!

Source : Jess


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