Hope for the Journey through Cancer

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hope for the Journey through Cancer
Author: Yvonne Ortega
Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Revell

Book Description
Cancer touches nearly everyone, whether firsthand or through the life of a loved one. Counselor and teacher Yvonne Ortega discovered this when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and began her journey to recovery. In Hope for the Journey through Cancer, she shares with readers her personal triumphs and setbacks with humor and refreshing candor, always reminding us of Gods desire to meet us exactly where we are. These sixty devotions are divided into sectionsdiagnosis, surgery, treatment, and recoveryeach incorporating Scripture into daily life. Ortegas attention to even the most basic hopes and fears that a cancer patient faces each day offers encouragement that can come only from one who has been there herself.

From the Back Cover
Cancer isnt the last word. Hope is. When youve been diagnosed with cancer and youre in the midst of hospital visits and treatments, you may wonder, Where is God? Where is his love and mercy? Yvonne Ortega knows how you feelshes a cancer survivor herself. Through sixty inspirational readings, she walks alongside you with encouragement and compassion gleaned from Gods Word. There will be triumphs and setbacks in this journey from diagnosis to recovery. But Ortega reminds us that even when it looks like we are alone, God is there every step of the way. A wonderfully honest and uplifting book. Those who walk through the valley of the shadow of cancer no longer have to travel alone.Donna Partow, author, Becoming the Woman I Want to Be Yvonne Ortegas honesty will create a bond with readers and encourage them to face their own pain and fear armed with the Hope Builders from Gods Word that sustained her.Marlene Bagnull, author, My Turn to Care Boldly honest, marvelously comforting, and desperately needed. Yvonne Ortega clearly and unashamedly brings the struggles and, yes, the joys of surviving cancer to light.Louise Bergmann DuMont, author, Faith-Dipped Chocolate This book can help women as they go through their experience with cancer, but its equally helpful for families and caregivers.Cecil Murphey, coauthor, 90 Minutes in Heaven Yvonne Ortega is a certified domestic violence and abuse counselor and a five-year cancer survivor. She lives in Virginia.

About the Author
Yvonne Ortega is a certified domestic violence and abuse counselor and a member of the Virginia Board of Counseling. She is also a five-year cancer survivor. Ortega lives in Yorktown, Virginia.

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