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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We Are All One
Author: Jonathan Harrison
Paperback: 194 pages
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing

Book Description

"A sacred book of spiritual insights combined with a transformative power that transcends ordinary consciousness.Oneness in words."

From the Publisher

"A sacred book of spirituality combined with a transformative power that transcends ordinary consciousness. Oneness in words." -A Lawren O'Lee Publications

Excerpted from We Are All One: A call to spiritual uprising by J.M. Harrison.

"We Are All One" enables an alignment of consciousness with our highest potential, not just the potential of the "you," the singular one, but of the "us," the all. It is an evolutionary transformational process redefining the concept of the ego-based "we," applying it not to an elite or separate group, but to everyone who exists, has existed or will exist. "We Are All One" is a state of consciousness that if put into practice will reveal the true nature of our selves to our individual "self," for it will bring out the spiritual essence, providing a system of understanding, release and expression. The methodology does not require that you undertake decades of philosophical or intellectual study, or that you be especially gifted; neither does it require a large financial investment. It does not require membership to a secret society or adherence to a religion. No, all it requires is the initial willingness to understand that on the spiritual level we are all the same.

We can admit that we all look different from one another and come to terms with the fact that our minds can provide interesting doors to a wide variety of mental states, from madness to genius. But deep inside, really deep at the core of our being, we understand that we are the same and this causes us confusion, for the body seeks individuality in the form of appearance; and the mind seeks a stage from where to display its uniqueness and capacity, yet the spirit seeks unity with all, with itself.

This is the human dilemma, the mystery of mysteries since the beginning of time. We feel we are not just the body that we see and not purely the mind we utilize, that we are part of something much greater and there is nothing greater than our spiritual nature, because it is inclusive, it cannot exclude or discriminate, it is One and is indivisible.

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